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  1. Uhm I am really annoyed and pissed, can you fix this glitch that this jerk players using an ZK spawner then when you hit them it explodes..... then you die it happens on a PVE server and please stfu to those player said its in the PVP you don't know anything! lost again my adventure back pack... or atleast can you disable when you die back packs will be gone too im really starting to loose patience.... to this kind of players..... why cant they just play with there own business this M&^%%^ F^%&%&^...............
  2. hi sir do you sell your heavy armor destruction and nvg helmet destruction = snipers?
  3. Ahm, sorry to interrupt.... whats the difference between the survival and the open world? I just can't understand.... is it gonna be like PVP all map then loot there loot here, then for example like us new comers without friends.... we will be easily get targeted.... is there some sort of level you must gain before you can kill someone... example a level 10 character by experience will be able to pvp lvl 10 and above.... well anyways gonna try it anyways, if doesn't work well then its not the type of game for me best regards
  4. Hi, I just enjoyed playing this game even its rough, and im new so I guess new players should experience some prizes instead to the veterans that can do pvp anyways enjoyed this game like The Walking Dead theme... ahaha best regards... keep up the good work and more item updates
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