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  1. where have you found them? cant find any
  2. is it possible to buy premium for a friend?
  3. is there any plans to add to the skill tree?
  4. where is the best spot to grind the skill tree? iyo
  5. if you are on the bridge you should have the advantage but another way to get up to tent bridge would make it alottt less OP
  6. thats a shame because once somebody gets that bridge its gg lol
  7. campos bridge on survival is pretty bad people just camp sandbags and you cant do anything really i think another way to get onto the bridge should be added like in open world Imo same with 5s roof
  8. i managed to fix it by changing the res from 1080 to a lower res then switching it back to 1080 not sure why that fixed it though.. thanks for the reply anyways! if anyone else has this problem and comes across this thread try what is wrote above.
  9. every time i join a server it comems up with 3000 fps and then get instantly kicked.. is there a fix?
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