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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9epQfALtzc
  2. Devs, all the time we write about something that is important and can really improve the game you act like you dont see those posts. Can u answer please?
  3. I think you removed night for a reason. Right now the biggest issues with PVP servers are: -nades (you should remove them for SNP servers, its called sniper server not nade server) -ppl spawning with no items (you should not be allowed to spawn without loadout or with an empty one) -Shotguns (there are overpowered, you should nerf them or remove them)
  4. +1 remove this aids weapons from pvp maps please BTW @ElChupacabra the other think is that shotgun with full attachment is OverPowered. It one shot ppl from 20m and it doesnt require good aim to him. I dont really know why dont you want to listen to community. Right here its so easy to make a huge improvment to the game and gain some reputation in community.
  5. no arena map in battle royale?
  6. +1 and maybe bring back the old spawn system ? +1337 ^
  7. Added a new muzzle attachment for snipers: Sniper Silencer. This is a silencer just for snipers and is bigger in shape than the normal assault rifle silencer. This attachment can't be attached to already silenced snipers. This silencer has its own unique sound. can someone explain it to me in reasonable way? adding OTS wasnt a good move, silent snipers doesnt improve the gameplay on big maps. btw good job in fixing arena map!!! - is it the original or reworked version? i mean this https://imgur.com/a/JUTBj8Q or this one https://imgur.com/a/lsSwWt5
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