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  1. Thank you for reply. i just bought an karambit skin worth for 2,5mln and as it seems it is useless :D? Since karambits aint common or what? thanks
  2. On what melee does it apply to or there is no melee yet on what you can apply the skib? Thanks
  3. I already left, no new content and it was back in july when i left won 2 months of not wasted time, add me on steam lets play PUBG instead
  4. discussion time is over already, theres 576 posts on Suggestion sector, what more you need to talk? I dont think there is anything to discuss if you cant manage to update or even fix something ever since the mod itself was released to public.
  5. Exactly same here, already quitted until something changes..its just a waste of time to play at this state of the mod. I think they released it too fast, seemingly for us (players) nothing has been done for this survival mod, except zombies are fucked up. They need to add some new content or its totally dead. I already suggested for different ideas -wheather (rain, fog, snow, lightning) -no specific location loot -missions zombie/gather for exp (so u have motivation and target) -new areas, possibly new map -fill forests with tents, tunnels or something else -make zombies spawn in random places aka make snowy places look snowy and stuff like this (Frosty Pines)
  6. Specific loot in specific locations = nobody roams around, basically it groups people from allover the map to certain points (military, airport, boulder) and other citys are empty. So its useless, loot should be random so people wont stick to specific locations and move around which makes pvp and looting more intresting as it is for now. At the moment you get krugers and mp5s everywhere besides military locations so it forces people up to few before named places and makes the map in overall useless as its not used for looting or pvp.
  7. found these 2 so far, havent travelled a lot since I dont really find this mod playable without any added content.
  8. add a cooldown to locker? Aggressive movement such as 1 shot = 3 minutes banned to use locker.
  9. You already pointed out what gets up the players hype (marked as red) maybe you should point out some of the things you already have tested, is considered to be added or etc so everyone knows what to expect?
  10. Add more content to game..a new map, changing weather (rain, lightning, snow, fog), fps mod, scavenger events, missions, fishing... Because at the moment we love that "ole warZ feeling" but at the same time it reminds that we all have played this game far too long and thus we need something new to get motivation for playing.
  11. Admins need to understand that loot makes people move around but in survival mod you can only get high loot in military places which basically means that 95% of the map is useless. This mod needs total rework with loot. They need to add FPS only server and adjust car spawns, specially when cars die so easy. fps mod would rule out 3rd person camp shit because right now the game is just like as it has always been: players join 40 pop server for kruger pvp (because krugers have 30 bullets, do 22dmg and are accurate as any high end AR) and they just camp on rooftops, camp in houses where they get advantage of camping. First person only would make things intresting and harder for spotting. Quitted playing survival mod because I didnt understand why to waste time playing mod with low loot and nothing new....:D? Just think about it, its just a plain server with no loot and nothing new has been added. Its not a mod its low loot and boring without anything new to look out for.
  12. just use back-step whilst killing zombies, hit, press S, hit+S so even the doublehit wont get u
  13. upvote for more votes
  14. Vote so admins can see we want 1 FPS only server
  15. 1 server for first person only would be sick, fps only is the main reason i started to play survival but was disappointed to not find FPS mod.
  16. loot is super easy on military places but elsewhere its anywhere between B12 to kruger rifle and nothing else for example i did a run in frosty pines and got double barrel and some junk, but 1 run in military means full bag of ARs and armors. military from helicopter to helicopter
  17. Its a regular warZ server with loot lowered. Add something so there would be motivation to play? I still up to this day dont understand what took 6 months to develope on survival mod since the only thing changed is zombie double hitting and lowered loot. Add new map, add rain, fog, lightning..?
  18. You cant compare NewZ with a fucking bar. Its a game mode which is made to be hard and if you die you have to understand that its not a deathmatch mode where u spawn and die 5x in 5 minutes with full gear. Instead of playing another game try to understand what u did wrong so u dont have to wait 5 minutes.
  19. Neg side: -no new map (as promised) = nothing new to discover -3rd person view (supposed to be FPS as promised) takes out all the fun from the game -no shields (this basically means campers x100 since u cant push without shields) - map UI ...? (I do not understand why you need 2 same maps, the new 1 is so small and useless, everyone uses old one) -hp bar (too small + bad to view) - 5-6 months of developement (wtf did take so long ?) i mean Survival mode at this monent is just a regular warz with low loottable and no safe(after log off)..i see nothing, nothing at all that makes this new game mode different of what we have had before (hardcore mode 1-1 same). positive side: - you got players attention but will fail to meet their expectations. -made the zombie hit 2 times in a row instead of 1x... I would like to see that original post from 5 months ago when people were promised new adventures on a new map with fps mode and hard to survive.
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