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  1. always playing solo, its easy, just out smart your opponents, rethink your movement and try to lure them to you or in bad positions best place to play as solo player - Colo V1 - any place besides airpot. -dont loot kills (90% of time hes friend is guarding it) -use silencer at all times -atleast 10 riots in bag -constantly check surroundings -move instantly after you killed or shot at someone
  2. This game is not Arma or PUBG. You talking about vest pouches if thats just unrealistic that it comes with 0 additional slots to inventory, unrealistic is that you run straight and can view 360 by holding ALT, thats unrealistic - as you were talking about how realistic stuff is. Agree on sidewalks and stairs - these things must be fixed, replace stairway with straight planks and make it look more apocalyptical id say. also add another entrance to 5story since it gives 100% view of the most citys it is been added to.
  3. I think adding a marketplace to survival is the worst idea. Survival is meant to be hard and obtaining items from marketplace makes it even more easy. Go loot and collect ammo and then go kill super zombies. I can see usefull use of marketplace only when there is no GI in survival, otherwise its just too easy.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY5hYh6Yoqw
  5. new speed reocrd boys but then you realise it can only end in one way
  6. Add/Fix - remove GI (pvp is like in open world already) - crafting is useless basically, only reasonable thing to craft is locker, everything else is just so wrong. What I like - That every character does not have dx+heavy+sniper in bag
  7. It wasnt fixed back in the days in infestation warz so I figured Ill give it a try to see if it works here. It does work here and I thought to share it with the ones who can fix it. Kinda hard bug i'd say if you can kill someone underneath the building. I havent used it once but just to show you how and when it happens I tested it. Made a few screen for better understanding. its a glitch/bug which allows you to go through walls, floors anything basically and you wont get stuck, you can choose if you want to walk on 2nd floor or 1st floor (my example is done with 1st floor) how? it requires you to jump out from the window, walk to the corner and log out, log back in to same server and thats it. 1. where you will be standing 2. Log out 3. Log back in (same server) 4. first floor move inside to go inside, outside to unbug yourself. 5. stand up to shoot, crouch to hide
  8. sgregor

    some ideas

    would be cool to see wheater system for example : rain, lightning, thunder snow (snowing) new event, where for example 1 city (randomly chosen) will spawn 1000 zombie sprinters and in the middle of town theres a loot chest/ free locker which consists of good loot. (and i mean good not like airdrop where u get 1 HV, 2 red stalker). duration of event should be 30min. Event goes live once or twice a day for example and it occurs in regular server. Notification will be displayed in chat and on map. survival: obtain XP while gathering items (e.g. pick up spawned item and recive 5 exp) decreased weight for backpacks so everyone cant have everything in 1000's
  9. That heavily depends on where do you loot and pvp most of the time. Dont really know why some players bank all better ARs. At airport i rarely see someone with lower weapon than aug, tar or red stalker.
  10. ARs aint rare you just need to loot at military or airport. They made riot shields rare on purpose. Without riot shields the PvP feels better and keeps that shield rush and hide away. And I did play open world before survival. Quitted since it felt pointless for me. Since loot is worth nothing and I got over 1,5k kills there it gives me no joy to kill someone and not even bother to go after loot - typically the guy who died gets to spawn in faster with new loot before you get to the corpse anyway.
  11. You do not get a free pass to loot anywhere without having the chance of getting killed. This is what differs survival mod from open world. You have to actually look around and think about your next moves instead of jumping with VSS and 49 riot shields in bag. At the moment survival mod is 100% too easy car/loot/zombie wise. Items dont have meaning. NVG should be disabled or only craftable. Zombies never “poison” you etc.
  12. Yeah thats for sure. They wont wipe it. Also theres so easy to stash loot, for example in airport you can gear up really fast and stack all the goodies, after that you need to hop 1-3 servers and you can use the fresh car spawn to roll to safezone and back to military which takes 5-10 mins at maximum. I think what could really take survival to next level would be: -new map for survival (it doesnt have to be as big as colo v2 is, its useless anyways since little citys are time waste to visit) - remove NVGs from game or make them rare as sniper. At the moment day-night cycle is useless since all players can loot m9nvgs everywhere. -more zombies everywhere -remove GI (it would make people use the most of its gatherings and play more carefully then now - no1 gives a fkuc about death since we have everything in hundreds) -use only 3-4 servers so people have to survive zombies and other survivors to make it through. Afterall it is a survival mode. (For now people are spread over 1-10 servers) -make hunger and thirst decrease even faster -add survival missions (gather, kill zeds, survive amount of time) -add weekly missions
  13. Thats just absurd. You have everything in thousands and 100s i would like to quote newZ description about Survival mod: SURVIVAL Join one of our survival servers for a epic survival experience. Loot is rare, you will have to scavenge and craft your way up to the top. Will you survive? Loot is so rare it takes 1 full day to obtain bank full of rarest ARs, attachments and armors just in 1 day
  14. this is another example its just too easy.
  15. I recently started playing survival mod and I have to say it feels and is too easy. ~3 hours looting at airport & banking these items: 30+ good AR’s (imi, red, famas, ak47) ~40 attachments (silencer, forward, compact) 15 nvg (m9) and 13 mtv 5x SVD ammo/27stanag30 /5cmag/8stanag60/7stanag45/ lots of ak ammo/G36cmags I wonder how does someones GI look who plays for hours everyday (probably hundreds of everything) it just takes too low effort to gather items in my opinion. (For example go check “Egoist” selling stuff in trade section i dont even have that much nvgs or armors on open world, thats just absurd) survival mod should be hard
  16. Most guns used in survival have very few or not any skins at all. I think survival mode should have its own skinbox spawning (with skins only available in survival servers). Bizon, evo, sti, b92, golf, shears, mtv different versions, m9 nvg, custom vest for starters have 1 or no skins at all.
  17. Car spawns its cool but it would be even cooler if zombies wouldnt destroy it all the time car spawns too close to gas station and zombies attack it.
  18. zombie repellent costs more than mosin nagant...:D seriously? also all sniper prices are lowballed custom vest 15% - 40k iba & MTV 17% - 20k ...k den
  19. Title says it all pm or write here
  20. Go solo like me, never been to any clan, play V1 or v2 40+ pop and ull easily farm 10+ kills. Already have 1200+ solo kills and fun is still there.
  21. How much is mauser Hypermonster? Dont see it in the newz wiki. only found cybermonster
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