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  1. i think it is a bug or something but u can now ghost in after 30 mins ?
  2. ohhh okay okay , i thought swedish buses are faster than normal buses
  3. many other problems :D? like what? people complaining about time wasting for farming if you say you wasting time for a games lol then why u even playing games :D?
  4. 2. why its a bad idea :D? you can solve the ghoster problem easy with that and its not that hard to find a car in survival. i mean there only aroudn 30 people with hardened and if there is only 1 char maybe more people go farm with there main so more people try to farm hardened? 3. fixed already 4. like campos in open world with the tree at tree house or the acces to military bridge so that campers dont have that much advantage with all there ghosters and only 1 way up
  5. This game bans me for cheating? lol i never cheated in the game. First i made a support ticket u told me i was cheating after 3-4 tickets now u say i cheated on other account switching words yea and i cant even make new acc wow this game is so FUCKING SHIT anyways it will die in the next time ...
  6. Im playing this game since beginning and never cheated and now im banned for cheating ? im to bad that i would be banned for cheating im feeling getting pranked right now
  7. lol of course its a joke but i feel like it is right now only campos/clearview ..
  8. dertisch


    Shotgun is a weapon as well... if its anoying for you just play with it aswell and fuck them up ...
  9. Or campos/Clearview only map
  10. Colorado v3 ? Nah v2 was biggest mistake ISS could make why should they do the same mistake again ?
  11. wasted 5 mins of your life devs dont care
  12. lol da brauchste mehr skill als bei diesen noob shield gespamme
  13. so much good fights are not in it cuz i accidently deleted them
  14. i spent only 10 minutes editing this so dont hate me lol
  15. Dariox i want to join ZT3X cuz im your biggest fan
  16. and if u try to rush them you will get shot from everywhere
  17. This is true there always people camping/ghosting on this shit bridge
  18. dertisch


    i posted it in survival there is only v2 lol
  19. dertisch


    Could you guys pls fix the spawns? you always spawn arround campos/mountain cres/clearview .. i bet there would be more pvp in other cities than just in these.. and all the bambies joining the high pop server would not die instantly and maybe leaving the game
  20. I buy a lot of sigs. I pay with all rare ar or snipes but i only need Sigs
  21. Campos/clear/small best place and dont forget white stone
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