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  1. V1 is great for survival! I like how smooth it is and I like light detail and terrain looks awesome in my opinion
  2. Great Idea, I would like to have clan system implented in survival, im sure pvp would be more intense and it would even attract more player base in survival P.S. I think you should remove bus stations from oregon in survival because it makes looting way to easy
  3. Great job guys, Im just worried that people gonna abuse friend system to teleport from looting location to safe zone in survival mode
  4. You wanna make game where you heal wounds with antibiotics more realistic?
  5. Are we now able to place lockers in survival?
  6. already did few days ago, nobody replied to it
  7. Good patch guys But I was hoping for more survival content like lockers or curency Still great patch keep up good work boys! HYPE
  8. kamo


    Hey guys, so I had couple of ideas for game: Add tag in game for scammers (black letter S(something like yellow P for premium)) Im not sure if this one is possible but I think it would be cool if we had this in game: As you guys know there are few models of zombies (police zombie,military zombie, civilian zombie, paramedic zombie etc....) It would be cool if like each type of zombie could have a chance of dropping something different, for example paramedic zombie drops meds sometimes, military some magazines pistol or smth like that Tanky zombies (it takes twice as much melee hits to kill them but they would give twice as much xp or something like that) When there is event make even items rare but good (4th of july red and blue american hats example) it would be cool if they were much more rare but that they would give 20 or 25% protection Event type of infestation world (zombies drop coins,when you collect x amount you go to safe zone and trade it for chance of a good or bad item) For the end I just have 2 questions about next patch. Will we get currency or lockers in next patch for survival mode P.S. sorry for bad english
  9. Hello guys, I am one of few that got privilege to test out beta survival. I can say that its going to be awesome once its released Anyways the reason why I am making this post is because I feel like my duty as a part of beta squad is to report bugs and add some sugestions. So here they are,hope you guys will read them all. So I would like to start with bugs first as they are more important: - sometimes when I pick up the loot it doesn't come up in my inventory untill I join other server. ( so far it were few AR's and 1 custom guerilla that made me had bug) - when you unload weapons, clips of those weapons don't stack up, you have to do it manually - super zombies sometimes most of the time don't drop anything (I am actually not sure if this is glitch or not) - zombies have weird attack range, attack speed and movement speed - it's really hard to counter/cancel attack from sprinter zombies (im pretty sure that is glitch and not feature to make zombies harder to kill) - when I made new character I tried to change his small backpack to medium one from gi - first increased stamina skill is not working (not sure for others because I didn't unlock them) - I play on europe region and I have 30 ping in every server, but after this new patch (not hotfix) in some servers (mostly high populated ones) I get 150 ping which doesn't go up nor down its not my internet because in other games I always have 30 Now for the ideas: - make currency that is either new one that we can use in marketplace or something like coins that zombies drop which have to stash in safe zone and then trade in at certain places for certain items - killing zombies is not rewarding enough at the moment, make them drop items and currency - mosin is just way too powerful with 10 clips (make it 5) and compact scoped attached to it -- make weapons spawn in with different amounts of bullets in it, not always with full ammo (weapons dropped from super zombie or picked up from item box should always have full ammo) ======MISSIONS===== - add missions which work more as achievements that give us rewards such as xp, new currency (if added) or certain items - don't make those missions reset after disconnecting or that we can max have 3 active at once - make some special missions which would reset every season or month (for example kill 1000 zombies) - here are my ideas of how those missions would look like: - kill xxx amount of zombies - kill xxx amount of zombies with xxxx type weapon (pistol, ar , sniper etc) - kill xxx amount of super zombies - get xxxx +/- reputation - kill xxx amount of bandits ===================== - add repair benches back - add durability to items - make those items repairable with game currency on benches or with repair kits - slightly improve med spawns at "medic locations" (ambulance, fire trucks, medic houses) - make zombies respawn every 10-15 mins ( i am not sure if this is already feature for survival) - make lockers only avalible to purchase with game currency in marketplace (don't make them lootable) - put password on lockers so we can share them with more people - people that block certain objects with lockers should be punished - too much bag of mres and nvgs are spawning inside of supermarkets - boost spawn of food and drinks in supermarkets and restaruants (and not melee weapons) - from "bad" weapons mostly krugers 22 or mini 14 spawn (rework it so other "bad" weapons also have higher chance to spawn) - silencers are way to common replace it with more other attachments spawn - make certain item box locations which will contain sniper stuff only inside (they spawn rarley than normal item boxes they contain snipers, sniper scopes and sniper ammo) - make car spawns similar to ISS ( 5 car spawns per server , 10 car spawns in premium and private servers) - remove radiation zone ( I don't see point of it, it doesnt spawn any good loot inside of it it just kills u very fast) - loot is repetitive we find same stuff on same locations (for example all around the map where there is police car they will spawn saigas, m4's , 9mm mags and pistols and police batons with barbed wires only) - add private servers - make respawn time 5 minutes and for premium users 3 minutes =====SUPER ZOMBIES===== - super zombies in beta are not worth to kill at all (maybe only for xp) - make them drop 1 item every time (in all servers not offical 1 and premium and private 2 items) - super zombies should drop following items: - bandages dx, stanag c mags , rare AR'S (sigs,tars,honeys,nighstalkers,famas etc...) - snipers - custom guerillas - k styles k style nvgs heavy armors For the end I want to say that you guys are doing great job with survival. Sadly I don't have time anymore to test it. I hope you guys will take my suggestions in mind and I see some of those on release. Thank you for reading I hope it wasnt too long hehe. Cheers! - Kamo
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