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  1. mathias221


    you make new skins all the time but there is no need for that we need a new gamemode
  2. mathias221


    so if you ask me i think getting the ranked into the game as a gamemode will get more players then makeing a new luncher there was no ''need'' for a new one we allready have one that worked but i see ranked as something that will keep players playing the game and makeing old players come back its how it works with all other games when they get ranked alot of games only survive cuss they have ranked its now been comming soon for over 6 months im sure alot of players wornt keep waiting so insted of makeing upgdates that dossent relly matter that much make ranked and then focus all the other stuff after that
  3. What is your Rank in Battleroyal Mine is Gold III
  4. kazmightONFIRE svena just siad since they made Br a new mode with a new char they can make a skill tree only for Br they did talk about it when they made the new UI
  5. Battle royal skill tree when do we get it is someone even gonna make it
  6. When are you high rank in openworld ? i have seen alot of streamers been gold and 1 streamer thats master but what rank do you need to be ¨good¨
  7. what is the discord for tradeing?
  8. Make the same as open world but not cheep zombies need to drop 5-20 Moeny each kill and keep the prices maby
  9. well its just a headsup for admons i did report him ingame
  10. what are you looking for med or guns? i can sell you 2 redstalkers and 4 medkits
  11. mathias221


    we need lockboxes in this gamemode jsut like old iss you dont wanna run all the way to safezone with trash so we need a locker to place our struff in
  12. i just got aimbotted and lost 2 hours of looting fix the hackers we dont wanna see them in this game i had full armor custom and kstyle we has about 170 meaters away (range finder) and i insta died never seen anything like that before and hes name is sometihng like 16h614g71 fix this game
  13. And i buy stang 30 aswell
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