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  1. I don't know how drastic the changes are going to be for 2.18, but from what I've read you're going to make the Thompson more like a normal SMG or AR, which can be both good and terrible at the same time. I don't see the point of doing anything with the AS VAL. Right now it's perfectly fine, the only people who didn't like that gun is the people who have 10000+ AR's, but got rekt by a different type of gun. Decreasing the spread on the IMI TAR-21 and the AUG was not needed at all, since according to a patch by christmas every gun was supposed to shoot straight.
  2. Yeah. Atleast you're responding properly instead of shutting me down. I appreciate it, thanks.
  3. "losing potential money" that's not how they're supposed to approach it at all... jesus christ
  4. I know that you've all heard this a lot of times. "Bring back clan skins" and then you'll get a response saying "we don't do that anymore". Well, that's changed. It's kind of fun that the DEVs have told me (and my friends) numerous times that there won't be any other clan skins except for people who win the supercup. I've been trying to help this game out for so long giving continued feedback, getting people in clans, helping new players with questions they have in-game. Even though I've tried my best with what I've got to make this game better, we still get lied to as players. There's this kinda new clan called [YOKU] which has some former [TILT] members, and somehow, magically, they have clan skins. They have skins for the Heavy Armor, Custom Guerilla, K. Style Helmet and K. Style NVG. To clarify it for you, in case you missed it, this https://www.twitch.tv/videos/251267083?sr=a&t=8932s is what I'm talking about. I don't know if these are just rumors or if it's true, but from what I've heard, someone in their clan is good friends with someone of the game administrators. This message will probably either get deleted as soon as I post it, or it'll just get a response with some BS story about someone promising them clan skins before they stopped doing them or whatever. I'm sick of seeing these small clans with just a couple friends get clan skins because they know someone higher up the foodchain. TLKC aswell as UFO is putting way more effort and money in to the game. Making sure newer players have somewhere they can "belong", helping them out with any questions they might have. Spending money on GC for premium subscriptions or private servers. This honestly has to change. There's a saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you". Well, what the DEVs are doing right now is cutting off all the hands that are feeding them (money, that is).
  5. TEAM: [tlkc] The Lost Kings Country/Region: EU/NA Contact: Discord; Bxnks#1890 Player 1: DOUBLE D O S Player 2: Bxnks Player 3: Mr Spartan Corz Player 4: Zecrasta Player 5: T T Reserves: N e r d s, Nebulous, TheButcher, V A N I, Mossen, Kyle Ezekiel, paperxdd, Nipples, ThaSlayer85
  6. Which is really weird in my opinion. The bigger clans are the ones keeping the game going right now, they should consider showing appreciation through, for example, clan skins for that.
  7. Of course it does. I'm not saying that removing skins is going to make the game run x1000 better, but it would open up some spots for clan skins for active clans that actually keep the game running.
  8. I don't have any true facts as the ones you're able to get. But I've been playing for quite some time now and neither me or my friends have seen any of those clan skins get used since Jan 2017. If I'm wrong, correct me instead of questioning the idea I have.
  9. Not a lot of text needed for this suggestion, title almost says it all. There's a bunch of older clan skins that I haven't seen getting used for the past 14 months I've played. The clan skins I haven't seen in the past 6 months of playing on both pvp servers and official servers are: [IDTI] , [MMFK] , [187K] , [UNIT] (the MLG ones) , [VG] , [NP2] , [RWL7] , last but not least, a black and red skin, which when you apply it, it says "å~>>AGå>>" which seems bugged out. Removing all of the inactive skins would make the game optimized, aswell as it COULD open up opportunities to have clan skins for more active clans, but with very strict rules, and in case the rules are not followed properly, the skin could get removed.
  10. Wasn't planning on adding it in Survival, but in Open World.
  11. https://imgur.com/mGI1ttA Imagine having a third bigger / major town in the Colorado V2 map. I have a location that I have been thinking of, which you're going to see in the picture, but it could also replace Hill Ranch. Why I've been thinking of this is that the pvp on servers usually stay within a town or so. If you're in Boulder, you usually stay by Boulder / Whitestone, as that is the forest there's usually pvp in. If we were to replace a small place like Hill Ranch, or use the area marked on the picture, we would be able to see clans grouping up together going from both Boulder and Campos, so that it could become an automatic clan war in itself. The location marked out on the map would be a bit off, but it'd allow pvp in the woods, where a lot of people usually enjoy pvping. The URL didn't work in the "insert other media" so I will post the link with the message. https://imgur.com/mGI1ttA
  12. I'd say bring up the weight to atleast 125 kg for the Military Ruck. This nerf is way too huge. Sure it can balance out the community prices of hunters bp and adv back, but seriously, taking away 1/3 of the weight is way too much...
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