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  1. Buying all your AR. IMI TARS, L85 ETC for a good price...
  2. Kuroko


    I mean its hard to get dx for a guy that i kill cuz every sec the guys are spawning lol
  3. Kuroko


    I just want to suggest. the dx should be cheaper in PVP u waste so much dx and it's fast. specially for the revive thing. everybody is spawning so even if u bring 2-3 dx. its wasting so fast. i would like to suggest the dx should be cheaper. put it in the market cheap. and the ar thing nobody sell that much. So the players reading this up my post so there's a high chance admins wouldd see this.
  4. Svd chrome/Blaser is there any chance that this skin will be rework? because it's not full chrome. Just want to ask
  5. Kuroko


  6. Small invis is like 9kgc and in gd worth 50-55m. its useless now please bring the old smallbackpack.
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