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  1. im for this, i dont do premium anymore, i dont get the time to spend playing the game revive wait is just so painful i just close up .. remove pay revive n wait times, a penalty not needed
  2. im over it also, B B Boring, az bat ****, sniped, loot again, sniped, servers in open world are just not fun or pvp value,low pop, any pvp is in the pvp servers, and thats just a stupid grind...
  3. True the revenue is the basis of this skin prodigy, I cant see why NOT that a skinbox of Apocalyptic style still be accommodating to the masses if ts done well. When i see fancy pretty boys disco dancing mardi gra.......in the streets or roof tops or forests.......Comn my way after me or they are chaseing me or hunting prospective player thrill kill I just log out, giving no satisfaction of domination points .....glory hunters suk.....I rekon you can still keep it real with the gene of the game somewhat,,
  4. SO, its been over time that we see on a regular basis all these pretty lollipop skins come into the game, yes some are ok, others are good, and some are just plainly bad, I do have some skins that i feel look n feel ok for my liking, Im sure other players have many more and love lots of em, Im sure it goes well for ppl wanting flashy bright eye balling colors so you can see me .......look how good i am intimidating you with my bright lollipop skins, Im sure all can see the thai players n others love em, shinny chrome n light sabers flashing their position in the night and day, good on em, all to their own, But is their any possible way we can get some realistic looking skins for the game it supposed to be.....apocalyptic zombie survival ....... Or are we going down a Christmas path bright n shiny ppl are we, LETS GET SOME DIRTY stuff, C'mon ! A bright green suit WTF is with that, that should be in the fortnight game not this game .......its zombies not cartoon connections....I might just be the only 1 here saying this, ....Ive been with this game since the beginning , and infestation stories also, So @7+ yrs....But you've lost me with all the pretty stuff im afraid, Ok my small suggestions...: rustic guns, worn like pants n coats, shity looking vests, drabby backpacks, dirty helmets, get the idea, lets get some low color scrappy looks into the outfits and skins ..yes the already ingame char skins originals are somewhat like poorish, but you devs i feel surely can come up with better ones?? .some real downtrodden feel skins ...barely surviving...in a Apocalyptic world..the skinbox cn be called.....Apocalyptic skinbox...????
  5. get RID of snipers would be a good idea, I dont see why for any reason that survival should want or have SNIPERS, oPEN WORLD IS WELL AND TRULY ABLE TO COVER PLAYERS SNIPER THRILLS, it wont make for any PVP, in fact its a lazy way of killing a player for that game style, I ENJOY THE FACT that i have to make ways of doing the hunt for a kill A littlemore with judging and time and placing myself for a prospect of killing a player... sniper just kill it
  6. you speak english, over 40? aussie ? concider it
  7. unless there is something i dont know of or cant see using a DNS, IT didnt work or change my ping in anyway, I spoke to a m8 and i seem to have it all ok, ping @341 at the best, if anyone cant know of a better way be nice or something else i can do with DNS be great
  8. thk you muchly ill see to it , see what happens cheers
  9. In the past so called time playing this game from the VERY Beginning, my Ping was a reasonable state,@140-180 for the rejion in in AUSTRALIA, sO IN THE PAST MONTHS, say 10.... my ping has increased to a whopping 250-380.???? atm it sit @ 355. whats gives ,oh it like that over all server, and i mostly play on the Asian servers...
  10. DoK5TT4

    Cars ruin BR

    most players should be close to the flag in the final parts of the BR games, What about the chance of cars been DISABLED AT A CERTAIN POINT OF GAS at the flag, at the final moment in the game, so all players are on foot.... just a thought, so its not coming down to winning from cars////????
  11. what ironic is that Thailand banned all outside players when they put out world thailand, It is a considerable problem, I think most Thai players have migrated to NEWZ, as thai world was in may ways still be plagued with all the problems Infestation has had, They do seem to dominate server at times, they put alot of dollars into the game for skins, So i dont think we'll see any Thai's being tossed out any time soon...
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