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  1. Can u close my 2 open ticket so i can send u a new one with the r3d log i have no clue anymore what the problem is
  2. S4mmYx


    Open a new support ticket: Current Response ETA: 54 Minutes and 25 Seconds
  3. S4mmYx


    im waiting more than 3 hours now can someone answer my ticket now
  4. still no japanese shield even when i ask about it, yes we will add them next patch blabla
  5. assault only servers doesn't even exist anymore lel
  6. @sven do ypou think i give those plep items man made a new char to record man
  7. good map that's why the game is dead fighting thais that's no joke and no harassment it's a fact NewZ came out on steam servers where popt but now 800 players online via steam i guess the full player count is like 1200 right now (eu, 08:30) eve nroblox has more players so sad to see
  8. do i get my char back now acc s4myx

  9. Dude I deleted my char for the 3th time because I was tab out of the game pls remove this button from the menu or make it so you have to enter a text to delete your char or put it on the Website.

    btw. pls bring my char back acc S4myX

    And I can't login to the support site because the Google auth site is just gray.

  10. PLS add GC Sale i want to pay my car lel
  11. I buy a Inv. Small Backpack! I am Online from like 2/3 PM to 10/11PM to check the post.
  12. after some playing i decided that the Health Bar is still shit and the Mini Map useless as fuck (why the hell do i want to know where i am? if i want to know i press "M") gg staffs #bestupdatenot
  13. ok ok i get it, but at least texture it better please
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