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  1. The general idea is to setup 1vs1 Servers on demand for Clans. So the Clan Leader can ask for an Server. Working like a Sub server for Streamers. Map Size: I would say maybe the same size then Rocky Ford. Couple of small areas for 1vs1's, walled off so u cant accidentally shot someone else. Long & Medium Sniper Area. Shipping container (I saw People Teamfight at them). ... Why? I mean, i think i can talk for everyone who knows how annoying the regular Warmup Servers can be. People shoot, snipe, shotgun or nade ur in the back for no reason what so ever. Warming up for an Clanwar or an Cup game. Training with your Clan Mates. District is just to big and Rocky Ford is often just crowded by Shotguns and AWP.
  2. Can u close my 2 open ticket so i can send u a new one with the r3d log i have no clue anymore what the problem is
  3. Gondra98


    Open a new support ticket: Current Response ETA: 54 Minutes and 25 Seconds
  4. Gondra98


    im waiting more than 3 hours now can someone answer my ticket now
  5. still no japanese shield even when i ask about it, yes we will add them next patch blabla
  6. assault only servers doesn't even exist anymore lel
  7. @sven do ypou think i give those plep items man made a new char to record man
  8. good map that's why the game is dead fighting thais that's no joke and no harassment it's a fact NewZ came out on steam servers where popt but now 800 players online via steam i guess the full player count is like 1200 right now (eu, 08:30) eve nroblox has more players so sad to see
  9. do i get my char back now acc s4myx

  10. Dude I deleted my char for the 3th time because I was tab out of the game pls remove this button from the menu or make it so you have to enter a text to delete your char or put it on the Website.

    btw. pls bring my char back acc S4myX

    And I can't login to the support site because the Google auth site is just gray.

  11. PLS add GC Sale i want to pay my car lel
  12. I buy a Inv. Small Backpack! I am Online from like 2/3 PM to 10/11PM to check the post.
  13. after some playing i decided that the Health Bar is still shit and the Mini Map useless as fuck (why the hell do i want to know where i am? if i want to know i press "M") gg staffs #bestupdatenot
  14. ok ok i get it, but at least texture it better please
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