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  1. rather pay 10$ monthly and get in shape lol
  2. renewal of the server should be for the same price paid at first. am i wrong ?
  3. i need a drawing explanation, lol im not buying that.
  4. still havent heard of a good answer why pservers went for almost double the price in less than a month
  5. sucks they announce everything that goes on sale but not what increases stupidly high
  6. just notice it went up from 2310 to 2940 ( 7 / 10 ) and now 3527 who make this stupid idea without giving any warning are u charging us for for alien ? cuz i rented a server when it was supose to drop skins but nothing and now lastest patch says it drops as it should be...
  7. lokoas2

    How About

    sorry those were two separate things i asked ive seen AR only servers dead on official list so.. and one thing i know for sure and is called "learn from the best" jumping is not something u see in PUBG (not sure if i can mention the other game here so i put the initials) also potions have cool down. about the new UI not gonna discuss but one thing is for sure nobody likes it.
  8. lokoas2

    How About

    a server where u cant (stupidly) jump only AR for beginner servers been playing this game for almost 2 months and i tried every server ofc died in all of them even pve. i had a lot of noob ideas buy for now these two. everyone can leave random ideas and ill add it to the list.
  9. summer sale maybe? bring back the double GC plox
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