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  1. And that's totally fine in my opinion. If they want to kind of make it their own, that's no problem for me as long as they meet the basic requirements of rare snipers, no cheaters (or at least as close as possible), most or all bugs fixed, and an active community. The primary problem I think is that NewZ is immediately seen as open world. I don't know how many people have actually even tried survival because of this. They think SniperZ and ClanZ simulator and don't even bother.
  2. I agree. Even ARs should be relatively rare, but not as rare as a sniper find. I remember finding ARs and being stoked. I wouldn't even be opposed to having to start over again, even if just to fix the loot - this is likely to be a heated debate for the community though. NewZ devs should honestly take a look at Old School Runescape and their polling system if this were to become a thing. With that game, everything is polled and the community must decide what goes into the game and what doesn't.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I think it's something that the NewZ devs should seriously consider. I have not tried Oregon yet, but It's definitely a breath of fresh air. I also just want to say that I'm not saying make the original game and never change anything. They can add their own content, that's fine, but Open World is a massive thorn in Survival's potential in my opinion.
  4. I know this might sound crazy, but I honestly believe that survival is an entirely separate game than open world and should be treated as one. Imagine being a new player, getting this game on steam and joining open world only to get scoped in the face in the first 10 seconds. This results in those new players immediately quitting and leaving a bad review on the game as a whole without even experiencing survival. As a veteran of the original game... I just want the original game with the bugs fixed, the cheaters gone, the snipers rare, and an active community. NewZ Survival has primarily fixed a lot of the bugs, made the snipers rare, and doesn't have nearly as much of a problem with cheaters as the original game did. The only thing survival is missing, in my opinion, is a player base. With that said, in this game's current state, and with the association of Open World, I don't think survival can ever really grow. Since I first played survival on initial launch, the player base has only shrunk. My suggestion would be to relaunch the survival portion of this game (as a separate game entirely) and make your primary selling point be "the original game without the bullshit". Infestation: FixedZ If I'm entirely wrong / my suggestion would never work, feel free to flame away and let me know.
  5. Bump - still looking for buyer.
  6. Eviticus


    I'll buy all your antibiotics - 3.5m
  7. Selling SVD - Please post or PM Offer. Will trade for antibiotics.
  8. Should be 5 mins for non premium and like 3 for premium or something. It's kind of rediculous how it is now. As a new player, I would be pissed it I had to wait 10 mins to respawn.
  9. What will happen if you previously had premium? I assume it will return to just normal premium after this, just want to confirm.
  10. Eviticus

    New Recipes

    I think there should be more tier 1 items in the crafting menu. What about a scavenger backpack? 2x leather, 1x thread, 1x sticks or something Or maybe something like a BB Gun to kill zombies relatively silently?
  11. This game is not really a survival game. It never has been. This "survival mode" is essentially the classic I:SS / WarZ, and that's reallu what people want I think. I know that's the case for me. If you want real survival, you should look into games like DayZ, and Rust.
  12. This sounds like a really bad idea. We already have a forum with a tips / tutorial section. Why not post them there?
  13. I like this. Something in between hardened would be kind of cool
  14. Keep it as it is. If you want sniperZ, play classic NewZ
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