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  1. Currently, there is an uneven balance with the AR rework. Simply put, the IMI-Tar is the best gun by a decent margin, its not even close. What I would do is improve the other AR's marginally so that they will have a better chance of going head to head against the IMI-Tar. If you look at the guns used in PVP servers, I am sure that most people just use the IMI-Tar since it is just that much better than all the other assualt rifles. Its not the first bullet accuracy but something about spraying with it feels really accurate. I do not know if there is a linear function that determines the spread increase during full spray but the IMI-Tar feels the best out of the assault rifles. The current hierarchy of AR's in my opinion: Tier 1: IMI-Tar Tier 2: L85, AK-47,M4a1, Ak-15 Tier 3: Sig 556, RedStalker, Honey Badger, M4, QBZ Why Even Bother: Aug, Famas, Masada, NightStalker Im Unsure: G36, As Val, M16, Scar, m4 semi, akm, an94 The guns that need serious buffs are Aug, Famas, Night Stalker. The Red Stalker, Honey Badger, QBZ could use some slight adjustments as well. Maybe a slight adjustment to Sig aswell. Aug - Something feels off about the 3+ bullet inaccuracies. Maybe reduce spread to 2 Night-Stalker - TTK is slightly slow, maybe increase firerate. Famas - Innaccurate, decrease spread to 2.5 at least. For a gun to fire that fast 3 spread is unacceptable. Maybe even reduce the firerate. Sig - TTK feels a bit slow, maybe increase damage to 26.5 Red Stalker - TTK Slow, maybe decrease accuracy to 2 make more bullets hit to compesate. Honey Badger - Its good for its use case, maybe slightly less recoil since it is very hard to control at such a high firerate
  2. are you on? what is your name?
  3. I will like to buy moto helm hynx
  4. I would like to win. long time player here (since the start basically) and put countless hours and USD *kappa*. plz I want that sick m4 semi or scar elite skin.
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