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  1. Well...devs when you will understand people dont like your game Infestation: The New Z ? when? your game is completely dead, people dont want this "emulator" game as you are making...We want the original concept...look at ISS THAI...learn with them, me and my brother are playing ISS Revival, and i can tell you forget NewZ..even with 200 ping, we can play so well and having so much fun, sadly, you only know make skins and useless things like building systems lol...people dont want this im sure. As you can see your decisions arent the best. Sadly you have everything on your hands and do nothing of good. For that reason this game is dying day after day. thai servers are always full in most of the time of the day. Now are less people cause they are sleeping but even is late in their country , there are many players in servers. Svena, why you just dont bring back the TRUE ISS ? This great game with a huge potential is a shame in side with others Infestations, even some emulators can be better.... I would like to see a decent answer from developer. What they are thinking, are you thinking in make things like base building etc...? lol im sorry to disapoint you but NO. there are many games with this and no one play it , i can give you some examples if you want. Just look at ISS THAI and learn with them.
  2. Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine. What is this?
  3. ok i will wait just need wait 2 years
  4. indeed old graphics were better
  5. yes we should have the normal mode > regular mode
  6. Competitive mode will be another useless mod. 1st day servers FULL , 2nd day game is dead like always lol.
  7. In a few words this guy said everything you need hear.
  8. No bro i just saying game right now have many different modes wich disperse much players you know. We could have more pop in servers . About you said there is a community waiting for competitive , this is basically an incognit you never know if it will be sucesseful or not ne, some modes was so hype and then after 2 days are dead. I like both PVP/PVE , but i like both at the same time and not only pure and focus PVP and forget the rest. I like Open world and Survival Mode the only thing i dont like in both is the Loot. Open World Loot = to much easy and have no value Survival Mode = Rare loot but no variety , always the same , They cant put the loot like Original game? wich we had much more variety of items, weapons etc.. ? Honestly i dont know what should i think about this game bro..im not being arrogant now and i wont be anymore. I just would like to see again the old fun like we had before in old times. Survival mode i think its good, just need change the loot system and reduce servers maybe, while the base player of Survival is small.
  9. This is what you think....before they didnt play? yeah i see...lol
  10. ABOUT THE GAME OVERALL This game should have just 1 Mode wich should be Survival Mode. Many different modes just destroy the game. Look - Open World have so many servers and huge amount of private servers Remove Begginer Servers Battle royal - Im not sure but i think servers are empty all the time Survival mode is new and have no enough player base - indeed because the way you did is so boring and people quit after a few hours - Survival Mode need decent changes to be more fun and enjoyable. Warmup Servers - Useless servers - Make no sense play in there when you dont loose your gear. Just one more useless mode for disperse the community. Skins - Could be removed - I see no point using skins in this game - This is not a competitve game like Counter Strike or something like that, this is a Survival Game.. Lockers - Could be spawnable in Survival Mode but should be very rare (i know they will be very rare). Loot - Should be like original The War Z/ Infestation Survivor Stories - and some new items made by you but some of them and not all items made by you. Size of the map - Create more cities in Forest or just reduce the distance between cities and Safe Zones - the same size as V1 would be awesome , but i know this wont happen so..im not saying for put Colorado V1 in game, just saying the same size between cities and safe zones, put safe zones more close from cities. Competitive Mode - Just will end with this game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT SERVERS Hong Kong servers - Why you add Hong Kong Servers if in most of the times are less -5 players per server ? They have Infestation Survivor Stories Thailand wich in my opinion is much better than this so i dont think they come to this game. Survival Mode - 10 servers would be good if you just had Survival Mode in game, not like this way, players to much disperse and some servers empty. Private Servers - Indeed i have nothing against it, because is one of the ways you need to earn money for develop the game - but could be limited. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conclusion If you make a refresh in game removing some modes and some things in-game and put Survival Mode as a Main Mode would be much better, the base of this game is Survival and not a competitive game, letrally people are playing a Free Counter Strike. If i forgot something just post here guys. Thank you for waste some of your time to read this.
  11. i noticed kazmight didnt answer me maybe he is full with me but im not here to fight. I just want to see good changes and good things on the game and if i like the game is obvious im stay angry when we see game being useless and devs do nothing against it...indeed we have other games in the same type but if we complain about this maybe is because we like this game and we care with it..but ok ? just curious. For base building etc.. Exist romero aftermath by artemis knives just saying nothing new.
  12. Good morning everyone, anyone can tell me how is loot state right now in Survival mode? What changes/patches is coming soon? I havent played the game since a few weeks or months, because game was so boring in every city you found always the same loot, had no variety of loot , no random loot, were fun playing some hours but after that is so boring and is useless running to safe zone always with the same loot. I want to see some opinions from people who is playing the game
  13. Bro in my point of view this situation could be simple and easy like if they put Loot random over all the map, simple things like this and i think everybody could be happy, you shouldnt know what you will find in that city and always would be a surprise for you if you find good loot etc...not like this way you know what you will find in that city. thats all
  14. Survival servers are empty because devs dont make it in the right way. Survival State = to much boring. ISS even with hackers and bad devs went much more fun than this right now. They just dont care about this bro, its time to move to another game. Like we did , just checking 1x per month this section to see if exist any new patches with good and decent changes but nothing lol .
  15. For that reason too game is to much boring. Loot should be random and not specific loot in specific locations. the most of the cities of the map, are useless, everybody in Norad and military places. This is really boring and make no sense.
  16. MazerJoca


    i prefer old Loot system too like ISS
  17. MazerJoca


    Well, in warz we could running with full gear too , not like open world, but ofc you must find items, another way game is being boring bro
  18. ehmmm i will wait and see
  19. As you can see now you are talking different, you said "we still can tweak the loot and change it" "we can put a randomized Loot" its enought and more variety of loot. nobody here is saying for drop sig , imi-tar , honey badger os whatever in houses, we just saying for put the loot randomized, if we want find sig everywhere we have Open World...But do what you want im tired to try to help and suggest for nothing. I just wish the best luck to everyone.
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