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  1. While Ranting about spawn camping a came up with a idea that would make it easier to deal with. But not remove it completely. How about when you die you can choose to options Spawn Back at the current location once revived. (Meaning Closest Spawn point) Spawn at a New location (but random) once revived. (The same thing you do when you join a map you haven't been on before) LIKE THIS You make a selection and exit once you revive your character and go back in the game you then spawn at your selected location. This is a very simple idea and even in programming wouldn't be to difficult to add. (Yes I do have programming experience before anyone asks.)
  2. It's a simple fix. Set the spawn points to random but then you wouldnt be near your loot. Or better have a 2 options on your death. 1 spawn at current location 2 spawn at random position. That way you can choose if you want to try get your stuff back and risk being spawn killed. Or forget your loot and spawn else were so you don't have to worrie about the spawn killers. Thats a bit hard most of them use snipers and wait for your spawn protection to go then shoot you. before you even know they are there. Or worse there are a group of them sniping one spawn point. Shields and DX's are all good unless you have none. While running trying to hide from them they just shoot you know matter what. I guess reporting them for this will result in nothing happening? But then again is't it harrassment?
  3. What the hell is up with all the spawn camping F-ers on this game? It's so bad it makes a new player like me never want to play the game or regret playing it after a short awhile.
  4. Hopefully survival will be better
  5. I know its just a game but it's getting annoying and all those suggestions are things i've seen in other survival games like H1z1 n Dayz. I could just go play them but I play with friends on NewZ. I wouldn't touch call of duty with a 10ft pole. They must be relogging as some have been behind shields then I go to them and they are gone. Even in wide open spaces. Was thinking it can't just be me this happens to and is getting annoyed with it.
  6. Lol tried that people must be alt-f4 or something because they just vanish from behind trees and stuff which is a cowards way out. It's rare to find someone that will fight to the death unless they don't have a chose like right next to each other or in the open and sometimes even then they throw up a shield and log off. It's just happening so often it's becoming a joke.
  7. I guess everyone just likes getting in to fight's then logging off so they dont lose any stuff once they start losing.
  8. well that sucks was looking forward to that. Thanks for the info.
  9. why is Survival Mode Grey and cant access it?
  10. why is Survival Mode Grey and cant access it?
  11. RattlerCreed

    CaliWood Map

    I found two glitches in the caliwood map inside the stadium. check images. Image 1 image 2
  12. Not sure if these are bugs but they seem like one. When your player is crawling it sounds like you are walking which is heard by other players so you cant sneak up on them. You cant go straight from crawling to crouching. If lieing down and use your map the play stands up same thing for crouching.
  13. I get it most people like to be able to log off while they are underfire so they don't lose there stuff. Be where is fun in hunting players down if as soon as you catch them they just log out. Or pinning them down just so they can log off. 2# There wouldn't be any fixed spawn locations so unless you logged off in a silly position there would be no way anyone could know where you logged off. (Like every other MMO) 3# Its more like cheating having the person you are trying to kill hide behind a tree then log off within 10 secs and then respawn somewhere close by so they won't get killed or get a kill on you, instead of fighting there way out like they should. Basicly Teleporting to get out of danger. 4# increased time wouldn't be so bad same as a few other games where logging off in a safe location (No enemies close) is quicker than logging off when enemies are close.
  14. While fighting another player if you get them pinned they just logout then login again which spawns them in a differnt location and sometimes behind you so they can kill you. This has happened to me far to many times. The Fix. 1. Have it so you can't log out while under fire or close to another none friendly player as long as that player has shot at you. 2. Spawn in the same location as you was when you logged off. That way they have a risk of someone waiting for them when they log back in. 3. Class it as cheating under bad sports. Basicly is cheating having the option to telport out of danger when ever you see fit to do so. 4. Increase the logout timer when underfire to something like 30 sec or 1 min and if hit then the logout cancels.
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