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  1. well i guess im able to say i kill more than enough and i dont call him out for being a cheater cause he does kills. i call him out for what i see. and what do i see? well aimlocklike flicks on point on his head without any smooth movement. i can slow his videos down to 0.25 or doanload it and make it even slower and it wont matter how slow ill make the video some of his flicks will be a single frame. To show im not trash: Some gyazo gifs of some fishy clips of your god disco https://gyazo.com/8a1fc7879921db943abdb88edb73c878 https://gyazo.com/c9119e7e939b9aef158ffa76f51e1e8c
  2. Hes cheating. if you chack closely you will see it in some of the shots.
  3. ok yes kamil can tell him to stop bug abuse but he cant deny that something like that happens. to make him stop it needs to happen. you dont know for how long he abused this bugg. the videos you see might be all at the same time. it might be only a min or 2. and after that he stopped.
  4. sucking kamil. hes a friiend ye so what. idc if its kamil or someone else. when isee someone gets involved for no reason i feel in right to defend this person. you say you talking about videogames name is nonsense? so why do you guys put it in your title. obv to damage the guy and to drag more attention. "oh fck look this kamil guy hes mod and plays with cheaters and bug abuserse. you my friend make yourself look like a clown. youre tlaking makes no sense. i dont care about other peoples names etc but i put them in my video titles to drag more attention even it might destroy the guys reputation. kamil can defend himself yes i agree but he doesnt even need to defend himself cause he did nothing wrong. im also not rly defending him im just pointing out that you guys destroy someones reputation who got nothing to do with the whole situation
  5. another nonintelligent comment. So if you play with a friend and your friend is starting to abuse a bug in the middle of a fight or turns on randomly cheats while he never cheated before. ITS gonna be your fault right? Use your brain in case you have one. you take responsibility for yourself. this is an online game. you cant check your friends pc to make sure he wont cheat topkek
  6. AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH KAMIL. do you even read what i pointed out. just because kamil is a mod doesnt make him a person who has to take responsibility for his friends for their own actions. he aint his mom or dad. hes just his friend.
  7. shit comment by shit player. i just defend a person who got nothing to do with this situation. you cant even deny that you try to damage his reputation.
  8. Then why do you have fcking kamils name in every video. this looks more like you try to damage kamil. "oh look this guy is cheating and hes playing with kamil the moderator. he should lose his mod and get banned." thats how it looks to me tbh. if you dont care about him then dont put him as title in every video
  9. (TEAM OF KAMIL NBA MOD) is that everything you care about. the guy is part of kamils clan wow. you rly just wanna damage the reputation of Kamil.
  10. feelsbadman. just hit elite 3 and wanted to get even higher
  11. i think 8 is pretty close but still not 100% (might be because 0.27 wasnt really 0.27. it was more like 0.275742xxxx but atleast it helped me a lot to get close to it. Thanks a lot
  12. îts not the same. had 0.27 now i use 2.09 which is a little bit faster
  13. ofc i can test it. but if you dont have any information i can guarantee you i wont find my old sens. igot a new sens now which is close to what i had but ye it still feels different. But i can see that i wont get any help here anyway. Instead of reading what i asked for they instantly feel offenden and try to tell me things i never asked for or which are pretty obvious @devs you can close this
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