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  1. if only i got it, but creep it real..
  2. Macros aren't bannable. At least healing and shield macros arent. Recoil macros ARE bannable however.
  3. Sorry for such a long video, I just wiped my hard drive and didnt have time yet to download Sony Vegas. VIDEO
  4. I know you know about the issue, just wanted to feel important.. Also I didnt report the guy who was inside it but I'm pretty sure you can see his name when I scope in on him. Clip
  5. PM ME FOR OFFERS/PRICES B93R Chrome K Style NVG Destruction Custom Guerilla Zombie Custom Guerilla Christmas M107 HyperMonster Mauser SP66 Hynx Mauser SP66 Hipster Blaser Halloween M4A1 Modern Black Aug Christmas - 300K Honey Badger Dust - 50K L85 United Kingdom - 50K
  6. I dont even want a ghillie suit for the point of being hidden, I just want to look cool with a m107 and a ghillie suit....might be cool to add
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