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  1. UNKZ VS RR ta confirmado
  2. CHANGE THE LIST OF CONTESTANTS TEAM NAME: NSDZ COUNTRY/REGION: Brasil/Spain PLAYERS: 1. Rekiem (Leader) 2. Radommmm 3. Asaf 4. Psico 5. ex wolf 6. Lagartixa 7. V O D K A 8.Lice Region: Sa
  3. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: Neversondz (NSDZ)COUNTRY/REGION: Brasil/Spain/Argentina1. The aimlock Rek (clan leader) Contact me on DISCORD: Rekiem#09832. Psico3. Lagartixa furyosa4. RADOOOMMMM5. V O D K A6. - Lice7. -Asaf8. -GETTT
  4. confirming chp I am right now, sorry for the wait huehuehue
  5. ja foi desclasificado na ultima cup so avisei kkk
  6. TEAM NAME: GODS ------------------------------------------- PLAYERS: LEOZERA/SKZ/ALIVEZ/BLACK/LUAN 4 gods teams are going to play? repeating players? with different characters? XD always abusing the rules RESERVES : MONSTER/LIL KODAK/ Nome da Equipa: NSDZ -------------------------------------- Membros: PSICO, ADAMOVIC, MTC, 250GC Wasted,AlyneFaria Reservas: Monster, STE4NSNIPER , DGS TEAM NAME: Not Gaming -------------------------------- PLAYERS: TGN, JZN, MAQUINADO, HUGE SKILLS, BZN TEAM NAME: GODS ACADEMY ------------------------------------- PLAYERS: kimZAO REIS / KIPER / JUIFAR / BIEL / STREAMSNIPER Reserva: Kazuyoshi / kort / bigbousse
  7. TEAM NAME: CHP -ChampionsZ  COUNTRY: 1 Spain- Brasil PLAYER :THG-Rekiem-Manobrow-Manobrisa-Rafa RESERVES: Barbie- VTR CONTACT: Rekiem#0983
  8. this guys of gods cry so much np gandalf, you are talking with a aimlocker- rhz XDDD
  9. rekiem

    AR CUP

    when the tournament more or less begins?
  10. rekiem

    1/4 ROUND

    better if you write 3-1 for chp
  11. The forum need the Spanish
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