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  1. TEAM NAME: Z.E.R.T COUNTRY: North America PLAYERS: GSDEAD, Ninja dog, JR, Ice-9. Xcaliber, Alternates: Mortox, Rapture, Kelly, Xcaliber, Outlaw. contact: https://www.facebook.com/ice9gaming/
  2. Listen i have been called a hacker by bambies too, im glad if you are not using macros like rapid fire but i can tell you 1000% that a ton of players were. I was fighting them every day. This is just my experience along with my clan.
  3. LOL.....says every guy using a macro and rapid fire. PS...dont have to swear to make your point. Just saying.
  4. i am happy for the chabge...for once i can actually not got drop from a guy shooting me from across the map with no spread. Now we all on the same page. if its bad for you its bad for them...get closer and use some skill to win. this is just my opinion.
  5. Survival game mode is for hard core players, you need to loot and survive...its not PVE, want PVE hit a private serve althought i think Svena talked about looking into adding some PVE servers during the last Q&A.
  6. I asked Svena a while ago about changing it and it was a fast no, if they do, it may help the ghosting that is just pissing me off as its perfect for stream sniping to ghost in behind you. If the timer was like 2.5 min then maybe they would just wait. But i agree its hard on the fresh accounts to get your their loot back. I disagree with loot being live for 12 minutes thats insane. When you die it should be gone fast as it also a FPS issue, the longer and more gear in the area will run into fps problems if i understood correctly.
  7. we messaged you with no reply? are you interested
  8. Kris, we would like to have you try out, send me a message and we will give you the discord info. Ice 9
  9. Z.E.R.T clan now recruiting Welcome to Z.E.R.T, a group of full time players that use team tactics to take on other highly skilled top players in Survival mode. ZERT stands for Zombie Elite Rescue Team and we use military style game play and communications to engage our targets. We are currently looking for new players to join the team, you do not have to be highly skilled but you do have to be dedicated and fit in with the team. We will take players in and test them out and if they mess with the team then after a few weeks will receive ZERT Badge. What we ask of you. -Be at least 17 years old and speak English well enough to make call outs. -Have a Mic and able to use Discord -Active 2-3 times a week at the least. -No experience or reputation requirements (we will help you) -Respect, Mature behavior as we stream as a team. When you are ZERT you are always representing us, so no SHIT talking other players. -No Multi-clan if you join us then you play with us Questions to answer: Why you want to join us? How will you help us? Tell us about yourself. You can contact either Hacivic or Myself Ice-9. Thank you and happy Hunting.
  10. Ice 9

    Kill Cam

    as a long time survival player, i would have to say that kill cam would kinda be unfair to the person that killed you, especially for a solo player that kills you and you play in a group and give away his location. For the gravestone i think its fine the way it is....in a town that has alot of action would just clutter up the place and giveaway a dangerous area. I very much hate ghosters....this in my eyes should be removed by making every spawn a fresh spawn which would be easy to do....this is just my opinion.
  11. yes i have experience this time and time again driving at full speed and then hitting a zombie and it stopping me in my tracks. ....what i think is happening is the zombies are not fully loaded. Have you noticed when you drive into an area that normally has zombies...as you get a few seconds in they appear? happens to me alot. I have also been disconnected many times while driving...then when i log back in....i die and lose all the gear. Solution for now is log into an other server then go back to your original server to find the car.
  12. i got one to and dropped it....loot is only as good as it is to you, i prefer M4A1 over Sigs so the M4 is more valuable to me. I think the deagle is also new to the loot table.
  13. i think i seen that the issues with youtube were solved....can someone post the video again. Interested in seeing it!!!
  14. i have a private server, i can help you or do it and get back to you later this week......results may only be so accurate as it will be done in a location that may not allow the vehicle to get to full speed. Also some cars at full speed are extremely difficult to control but i will work on it and let you know. If you want to join me and we can test it together let me know.
  15. Hey...get used to it...bigger groups are now rolling around in Survival. Wait till you run into Bixa with 6 players and snipers!!!! good times.
  16. Ice 9


    From what i see and hear while I'm streaming is the cars are NOT wanted, area is to open and you end up in a Death race at the end as its 4 cars driving in circles. it wouldnt be bad if you were to place the safe zones in a town that cars couldnt enter, this way you could drive to safe zone, but people on foot would be safe. Fair for all players.
  17. that is actual game play of survival mode as you can see i have the new climber character?.....that picture is of the new small lockers. Not sure what you mean by picture of original locker?
  18. If you read the posts on forums....you will see i mentioned it as soon as i seen your youtube video and asked you not to add these. In it you place the shield on the floor but not on a surface that would raise it. I said it and survivalpac was telling us not to shoot it down till its in the game. Svena this is the only game i play on a daily basis and stream it.....i know the game inside out and only want the best for it. When i mention something its not just from me but from my team and my 3500 followers on twitch. Posted October 26 no offense but adding lockers to survival would be the worst move for the following reasons: 1. imagine a guy placing a locker on a roof and sniping you down...then if you get close he stashes it? 2. your going to have lockers littering the entire map, which may affect loading time not to mention just doesnt look good for game movement and flow. 3. and for me the worst one......people using lockers as a shield that wont break!!!! the most OP item in game. adding lockers to survival would be a really bad move in my eyes. Ice 9
  19. Lol....ghosting isnt an issue if your playing on 10 pop server and camping a random spot, but when your fighting a group of 6-8 guys....which i do and then you kill one, he instantly spawn behind you on a ledge. I stream so might not be an issue for you but for me it is as they see where i am all the time. PS....i have a pretty good understanding of the game i have been streaming longer than you have been playing it.
  20. I said this was going to happen, and so many people said no you cant hide behind it. Well EU 1 and NA 1 have lockers in Campos and they seem to be perfect for hiding behind just like i said it would. You just killed Survival mode. Whats next......problem #2 which i mentioned as well....sniper camping and stashing.
  21. we will enjoy them more when there are skins under the tree and not just hats. Looking forward to that.
  22. Well i hate to say i told you so......but day one we get lockers and boom...campos is full and ps.....you can hide behind it very easy, like the group we fought tonight AKA Russianonfire, donnie brasco and friends. that sat on building for over an hour. Camping is not the issue , its the lockers that are used as shields. https://imgur.com/a/BK9Ci
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