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  1. I will not play until the game is back to Infestation : NewZ because now it more about CoD : NewZ with worst performance ever.
  2. Hello it's been a long time since the last one. I only had little time to record some clips and make some content. Hope you'll enjoy
  3. Yes. I reduced my playtime by 4 mainly for this reaso. Losing 50% health behind covers or getting desync is boring. Peoples from Russia and Turkey are also concerned because they are part of the lags problem
  4. Giving away most of the unboxed skins, check description
  5. Grumpyislit

    Map glitch

    Glitcher's Character name: I LOVE MAYKOTime: 4pm Date: 11/02/2018Map: Desert islandScreenshot or Video proof (really important):
  6. Hope you'll like it and if you didn't check Juifar and I Dualmontage go check it on his channel
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