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  1. thats not what it have been said on dev streams but whatever, it is still allowed lmao. and it is still doesn't answer me tho. either you ban all macro programm or do nothing about it, thats all. ofc, i came on newz when everyone was already using macros so, always used macro. too late for learning how to not macro when everyone can still use their own mouse macro program
  2. ok so if i understand the situation, you guys make x-mouse button obsolete intentionally(steelseries too from what i read) but... why ? like i said in the support ticket you can't say that macros are allowed on dev's faq stream and just make x-mouse disabled into the game 1 month after, it doesn't make sense. the majority of players using and used macro (fredaikis also, ironic right ?) since days so like you said," you can't remove the mechanic, it's a part of the game NOW". it's not like anyone can just install a macro program if they are complaining about it (not anymore abviously).
  3. x-mouse button control doesn't work anymore for me either. same with fps a LOT of freez and fps from 120 to 10 every 5-10 seconds, pretty annoying.
  4. "bring back this old rocky and i'll marry you" posted june 5, yes its been a long time, huh? why do you want any feedback when you literally have a map already perfect ? adding new things so get less fps ? no thanks, the last 100 hardcore rocky pvpers told you to bring back the old rocky but you still searching for changing or idk probably you don't have the old rocky anymore so you try to keep the new one and remove things like the old one Tbh i don't care about the game too much anymore, but atleast, make smth for players who still play it like idk remove 1 rocky mix and put 1 old rocky(if you still have it) to see what players will like and things players want to change, just a little bit of respect for veteran rocky players.
  5. just put back the old rocky ford like everybody wanted since 2 months, idk
  6. if it has been already asked and this problem will be resolve, then my bad but still, you guys didn't even take the time to see wich map we were talkin about, and i find that kinda unprofessional imo but, whatever
  7. and go play where then ? colorado, only 20 th clan, caliwood ? yes when servers are not empty, same with spring. you saying so half the players actually like it ? how do you know ? they are all th, they dont care about anything expect playing on eu servers( i dont blame them since there is a lot of people on their region). eu players are now like 10% of the community, wich played since almost 1 year (or more for some) and playing newz mostly everyday, so we know what we talkin about. eu players dont like mix, but thailand people do so yes, let mixed server and btw why is rocky from 2015? thats not what the community asked, i know i'm salty or anything i could being called but, if you want to keep (or increase) the eu community, you should pay more attention to us (i mean 10% on pvp servers, dont know much about colorado players expect 20 th clans)
  8. +1 they bring amr m107 and sh*t, makes even more cancer
  9. +1 but they said that the actual rockyford is the lastest before the new we use to play everyday i think they just don't have the map anymore but they don't want to admit it, i will change my mind when they will implant the rocky we ACTUALLY want. (sorry for being tosic but, when you need to wait 1 month to get a single reply from devs, than add a rocky we dont want, i think its beginning to piss off people)
  10. the community didn't ask the 2015 rocky ford, thats not the lastest rockyford, we ask for the map geneticzz using for this montage :
  11. i saw old rocky on the patch, i smiled, i saw the actual map you calling old rocky, i disconnected lul before adding random maps, do what the community actually want, not to be mean but i think you guys kidding or smth if you dont remember wich map we asked take a look :
  12. they did put the old rocky from zmmo, they didn't even take the time to look at your video to see wich one it was.. thats how you see if devs cares about the community or not, took 1 month to see your post and reply it, than don't even do what we want and another time, newz dissapointed me. it won't dissapoint me another time tho
  13. +1 looks like nvidia freestyle (if not the same) when we could still use it on newz
  14. still no sound from spawners in pvp servers
  15. what about the topic of bringing back the old rockyford ? you said yesterday that you were gonna look into it asap but still no answer. i won't giving up on that
  16. cause remix songs are so mainstream
  17. not a bad idea, reducing servers could also fix the problem with players spread on every servers.
  18. I think there is no point anymore to make suggestion imo
  19. you should either remove it on pvp server or increase the spawn timer, it will decrease the spawncamp/kill and also get better fps (i guess since less people spawn at the same time). it doesn't matter for colorado expect the fact that you respawn at 1km from your nearby spawn, wich isn't that good.
  20. +1 looks waaaaayyyy better then the the currently one.
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