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  1. Here loot is easy to find, harder in survival, but still easy ?
  2. ye i know, but i got 2 or 3 hs haha
  3. Hello, i know they are not very skilly frags, but stil.. 6 frags in 30 sec?
  4. Ye, remove respawn system, will be better :)
  5. Ye it was, but still ?
  6. Ye i know i f*cked a little cuz third person, and didnt changed to first but.. How the f*ck ive done this?
  7. 4months after last montage (im lazy to edit videos) hope you enjoy
  8. What you guys think? @GENETICZZ im curious what you think about my quick scopes Are them good a little?
  9. 1. You can do reward system, that everyone who logged in weekend, can get some stuff or something (every 24h for all weekend), that would be good:) 2. You can give discount for renting servers for like maybe 30%? Only on weekend event
  10. Nice, but maybe do something else than gc/gd and skinboxes. Cuz now its like every 2-3 weeks events are the same.
  11. Masakra


    Hello, sorry, but i have uncommon issue. I missclicked and bought like 10min ago extreme account instead of premium. Can i change it back to premium or something? Or can you admins change it? Pls help :c Dont know where to start topic, so sry if choose bad place to start a discussion.
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