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  1. M4A1 needs a rework again, the spread is extremely random.
  2. after the 2.12 patch, the M4A1 are spreading too much, it's almost impossible to play with it, it was better before, but the rest of the weapons are very good.
  3. It would be really cool if you added G11 to warmup up Battle Royale (or even inside the Battle Royale), so people are getting used to the new weapon.
  4. I'm not good at english, but.. what does it means? Survival Updates: LOOT UPDATES: Overall component item spawns have been decreased.
  5. Hi, i play on South America, and we have 6 servers, it should be nice if we have 5 normal servers and 1 Solo, or 6+1 Solo, and obviously to the other regions too, There are already clans with more than 10 people and this is annoying for those who play alone.
  6. KiruK

    AK Ammo Name

    AK74M Ammo is called AK-30, but the others don't have the " - " in the name, its AK-30 and AK DRUM, AK 45, if you put - in the other ammos will be more easy to find in global by "AK-" Sorry for bad english, really.. :V
  7. This happens only in SA servers, look at this: https://youtu.be/N30fFiwhWgk if i play in North America, i get 160 ping, i need to play in SA. This is random, 80% of the times I try to log in I have this problem, and I need to stay logged in and trying to get on the server until I can.
  8. I agree, I've thought about it several times, enclusive today, I had to throw my items off to get food and then get the items back.
  9. Survival mode: "Unload clip" and "Stack" is having a lot of problems when you have the backpack full or even empty, for example, I have a full stanag, when I unload a weapon with another full stanag, it becomes 2 stanags "occupying 2 Slots in inventory, "meaning if you have a full backpack, you need to drop the items on the floor to get the ammo, stack, and then pick up the item you dropped back. Google translate. sorry if i miss something :v
  10. SURVIVAL MODE: First: I think super jump "V" is working in North America servers but isn't working on South America Second: https://prnt.sc/fuepzc West boulder, exactly in this place I showed in the screenshot, this fence is without a collision, making you able to cross it, which means that I can not climb on it to kill the Super zombie These are the bugs that are bothering me a bit, when I remember more bugs I come back here. I'm using Google Translate, I'm sorry if missed something.
  11. After this hotfix, the survival skin of kruger rifle, he got the wrong animation, and also, invisible in the first person. https://prnt.sc/fudax0 https://prnt.sc/fudavp
  12. Iba sand "Light Dust" skin says in the description: "Special iba release gear in sand tonned patern. Decreases damage taken by 20%", but the damage reduction of iba is 17%.
  13. KiruK

    Clearview loot

    The Clearview helicopter in front of the market has a very high spawn rate of weapons like G36 and other assault rifles, needs to be reduced, and Clearview's general loot is loaded with weapons. Clearview needs more pistols in houses and ammo. and zombies are too OP, Tapping on you without at least finishing the hitting animation. (Tested with 19 ms)
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