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  1. Team name and tag alienswatteamkiller astk. 1. Made in honkong (clan leader) 2. T W I S T ED 3. Chin chong ming 4. Mrfrendly 5. Contorium 6. Small bamby 7. Eileithh 8. Adntotor 9. KOOL 10. dr oppenheimerr 11. xKnuckles 12. ARYSIA 13. GEAL141 13. Korben Dallas
  3. Hi all again i see you are aplaying again for partnership program so im asking again for partner in game newZ my name ia ALIENLIFEFORM my twich chanell is ALIENLIFEFORMTV well if you like me you can also join on my chanell im streaming almost evry day newZ so i hope you like me and tnx for anser your favorite player Alien
  4. heartbreaker tnx i alredy send email i love you twin brother
  5. i didnt send mail damm i didnt see that i need send mail
  6. he evrybody my name is alienlfeform im a streamer i aply on partnership program but i didnt get anser yet so if sombody can tell me the bad news i be happy tnx for anser newZ stuff and devs . My twich name is alienlifeformTV
  7. realy sory i didnt intruduce my self my name is primoz im 42 years old i come from small country of slovenia i have 3 sons. I work 10 ours a day on excuvators. I love playing newZ. My twich link is https://www.twitch.tv/alienlifeformtv . i also use facebook my name is Primoz cekada. I also use discord teamspeak. My discord name is alien #9070.
  8. Ello again im here becouse i have all what you aply for partnership i now probably i want be accepted but im asking if you can give me streamer tag in game tnx for anser alweys yours alienlifeformtv
  9. im not sure if i apply for partership but i hope i do im wery close to finish all so i hope on you guys. Love you all in newz
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