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  1. Great Patch, great features. Thanks for the work put into the Event map
  2. I think too many offers/person would be flooding the market too much. It's perfect how it is right now, also with the fee. You need to actually think before you sell something. Trolling with high offers will backfire. Only disadvantage is if you sell something like cars that wont stack. Those will quickly consume your offer slots
  3. Please message me on discord for further planning: [BoS] KiLL3r#7416
  4. About: Hello my dear friends, after the huge hype for the regional cups, I’m now planning to create a new category of Sunday Event that will be called "KiLL3rs Mini Cups“. The reason for this is to keep up the hype for cup-like-matches and turn the focus to other, nonconventional weapons that will be used. The cups will start in a small form for the first round but might expand depending on how well this new idea is going to e accepted by the community. On the first hand, these cups will be dedicated to the participants of my events on Sunday, but of course, anyone can be a part of it! PLEASE READ: TIME AND DATE: The cup will happen on Sunday only for 8 Teams OR: on Saturday and Sunday for 16 Teams (Round of 16 on Saturday | Quarter, Semi and -Finals on Sunday) 8 Teams or more: 28th June 2020 (Sunday) 5 pm – 10 pm CET (Times won’t be changed!) 16 Teams or more: 27th & 28th June 2020 (Saturday & Sunday) 5 pm – 10 pm CET (Times won’t be changed!) The Cups will be on Sunday every 3 months (if there are a lot of teams in future they might also be on Saturday & Sunday, and also every 2 months) Map: Tournament map TEAMS: For the first Cup, there is going to be a max of 8 teams (or 16. Other teams can play when some of the first 8/16 teams can’t play) Each team consists of 5 players (+ 2 replacement: not needed) People from all around the world are allowed, but remember: matches will be on EU server Teams can be mixed with players from different clans Make sure your team can play on the 28th of June from 5 pm to 10 pm before applying! (and optionally on the 27th) Matches will be randomly drawn around 1 week before LOADOUT: The loadout will be different for every cup! This time for every team: 3 players with SMG (MP7, MP5(SD), Veresk, Uzi, Bizon, P90(s), Evo-3) + Custom & KStyle Helmet 1 player with Shotgun (Saiga, AA-12, Mossberg, KT-Decider, Double Barrel) + Heavy & KStyle Helmet 1 player with LMG (FN M249, PKM, MG36, RPK) + Heavy & Kstyle Helmet 10x Riot shield for every player Any medics, unlimited Any attachments are allowed, but no rifle flashlight For LMG: No elite drum, 200 ammo box Anything else that is not listed is NOT allowed (like claymores, grenades…) RULES: Always follow the match times (Check the picture above) Only players listed in your lineup can play (changes until 27th June possible) Each player can only play for 1 team (please respect that) Team captains need to join the event discord for easier communication: Discord Each round starts with a horn and lasts 5 mins The match is paused by a horn and continued by another horn No rejoining until the round is finished No boosting up with shields Whoever is first on the server can type red/blue in the chat to pick the side Wins will be decided by the following: 1. Rounds won 2. Kills 3. First kill made 4. The first team that crossed the street 5. 1v1 decision (on my command each team will send 1 player to the middle of the map. Both players will have to fight with their weapons. The team with the most 1v1 wins – out of 5 – wins the match, distance ca. 5 meters) When your team is late: 5 mins tolerance, after 10 mins you automatically lose 1 round + 5 kills every 5 mins. That means: 5 mins late: you can start the normal way 10 mins late: you start with 0-1 for your team 15 mins late: you start with 0-2 for your team (best of 5) / lose the match (best of 3) 20 mins late: you lose the match (best of 5) (Round of 16): Best of 3 (27. June) Quarter-Finals: Best of 3 (28. June) Semi-Finals: Best of 5 (28. June) 3rd place match: best of 5 (28. June) Finals: Best of 5 (28. June) (King of the Cup: best of 5) 1. placed team will be „King of the Cup“: They are not allowed to apply for the next cup and need to fight the next cup winners Due to the limited amount of teams I will only allow 1 team / clan. More can apply but can only play when teams are missing Application form: (read everything else first!) Team name: Tag (max. 5 letters): Lineup: 1. (Captain) 2. 3. 4. 5. (6.) (7.) Captains discord ID:
  5. Great idea! big promo --> new players for BR --> account link will bring more players also to NewZ
  6. Damn thats smooth. what a wonderful patch. share the love! ♥
  7. I really like the VSS point. thats a good idea
  8. I hope there will be some more oppinions. im also curious how others experience it
  9. Thats true. it took some skill to do the right tapping for headshots. But right now everyone became an AR god because its too easy to hit. It helps camping players alot, in combination with the following: What really needs to be worked on is jumpshots, noscopes (with snipe and AR), shooting without showing yourself much
  10. The AR rework is helping unskilled players more than the skilled players. Its way easier to camp now and kill people on far distances while you dont have to show yourself. Right now with the current update its very hard to push anyone who is just jumping up behind shields or rightpeaking. the accuracy is set a little to high. It took more skill to shoot accurate in distance before. I like the decay right now. the dmg you deal to players on further distances should be kept. but you might want to rethink the accuracy. I know that not many play the colorady/caliwood only AR servers, but thats the best place to test the reworks. So before arguing please keep in mind to test all kinds of AR playment: open world, pvp server, BR, and survival Thats just my oppinion, but i did alot of empiric tests
  11. very nice. cant wait for the zombie. and the map looks sick
  12. Nice nice nice. please save the matches this time and load them up somewhere. I feel like Supercup 2019 was more than ignored. and maybe different rewards than a spray. Oh and that rule doesnt work: 2 grenades each player vs. no grenades
  13. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: Brotherhood of Steel (BoS)COUNTRY/REGION: GermanyPLAYERS**: 1. (CLAN LEADER) KiLL3rTV 2. Rosa Tuff Tuff 3. 6ix9ine 4. Sugar-Daddy 5. E B A Y 6. Tobi332 7. Sergeant1german 9. 10. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  14. ok so i have been testing the season pass for a couple of hours now. the XP needed are certainly too high / the XP you get for kills (Zombies/SZ/AZ/Players) is too low. Of course its supposed to be a challenge but you need 300k Zombie kills. I have about 470k on my account and been playing for years. so hmm..
  15. nice work bois and ...well only bois
  16. General Rules: 1. Always listen to what KiLL3r is saying 2. Only the equipement listed is allowed, meds/ shields/ amount of ammo doesnt matter 3. No teamkills on purpose in any mode 4. Not listening to the rules will result in a kick from the server and an excluse from the current match 5. No password will be given to people who haven't been following the rules 6. If you die by someone not following the rules you have the right to receive the password to rejoin 7. No self justice when being hit (killing when being shot); wait until you die, the other player will be punished 8. Going outside safe zones might result in being killed. If you die before a match starts its your own fault. 9. No spamming the chat/ voice chat 10. If your death is your own fault, no password will be given to you for the current round Deathmatch rules: 1. 2 Leaders pick their teams, everyone else has to wait in the middle inbetween the red and blue area; KiLL3r will assign you to the right side once you are picked. 2. All players need to stay in the safe zones until the teams are made, if you die before being on the battlefield its your own fault 3. Once you are told to move to your sides, no killing will be allowed until the match starts 4. Camping/Hiding might result in being naded from above Tournament Rules: 1. Stay inside the safe zones until the tournament is started by KiLL3r to avoid getting killed 2. If you die before you can always rejoin until the password is changed 3. If you die after the password was changed it's your own fault 4. No shooting other players outside of a 1v1 fight STAY INSIDE SAFE ZONES UNTIL THE MATCHES START!!!
  17. Awesome patch. great for all gamemodes. well done!
  18. KiLL3r


    Can we see more ranks?
  19. So European time means CEST?
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