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  1. The bans is also something that NEEDS to be improved. They are bad in a way, cause it makes us lose players if we are strict. However on the other hand we have to. Then you have the kids that say "only 3 day ban no problem" and continue anyways. The only power IS banning here at this moment. Unfortunately. I have pointed out to the rest many times we have to address and improve this in ways for example by adding more ban systems for chat, per game-mode, voice bans, etc. etc. Also, I do still think rules / punishments have to be reworked and improved. We could introduce other ways as punishment such as wiping XP, GD, inventories etc. etc. These are all things that would fix the "only 3 day ban no problem" kids.
  2. I would say this has also particial reasons coming from our side where we added most skins for those items like custom guerilla and k. style helmet. This directly reflects on a big challenge I am facing related to this; some skins actually change the entire mesh and a k. style helmet would turn into a witch hat without any traces of the original k. style left. If someone else would kill that player, k. style would drop on the ground and it's confusing as hell. This is also why most helmets added now are individual items. At that point we come back to your original point; no one is using anything worse than a k. style helmet as example, so all these nice hats and armors are not used anyways. I see a little buff not necessary as a solution but I do agree that we should consider doing it. Skins should ALWAYS have some kind of original aspects of the original item in them, so that it's recognizable that that player is using a skin. Further on I'd still like to "fix" this whole situation at some point where we could maybe add "cosmetic" slots instead leaving the original items, but again, a very complicated situation there.
  3. I'm a big fan of automating systems instead of people doing raw manual work day in day out as long as it is 100% water proof in ways of that it's 100% certainty. In this case, there is some filters we could and should adjust to the chat and the spaces for example should be relatively easy to detect. On the other hand we could also look at other alternatives including to add a report category for names. This way we can at least filter out the character names and those reports could be checked based on for example how many times a name has been reported. For the actual chat there is further alternatives too and a bit of out-of-the-box thinking we could even add a chat ban function to prevent these users from chatting instead of banning them from the game. These are all very simple and doable solutions and just some I can think of right now. Probably can come up with a ton of more suggestions. Just my opinion and ideas. I'm not a coder and can't add it to the game / systems myself unfortunately.
  4. Giveaway is over and winners have been announced! Winners have been sent an email with further instructions. You can see who won here: https://gleam.io/rTYDU/the-new-z-desion-skinbox-giveaway
  5. No, there is nothing wrong with that.
  6. Sven

    Season prize

    That's pretty much how it works in every other duo / squad "team up" game though. I think a win, for a duo, should be a split or at least the same price for both parties. Of course there should be different multipliers for example depending on the amount of kills get more XP than the other duo player but when it comes to standalone rewards for example a skinbox both players should get one each. And when it comes down to playing a duo queue with a "stranger" i still think the situation should be treated the same way. It doesn't matter if you duo with a friend that you want to split with, or duo with a stranger. Same outcome.
  7. This is true, whether or not the game is free to play that doesn't give us the right to just do what ever the fuck we'd want and that still doesn't make it a logical decision to have this kind of events with ONLY PVP parts. I don't see why we shouldn't just make ALL type of players happy. Something for them, something for them and something for them. It's literally a win for us and a win for the players.
  8. No idea why this weekend event only contains PVP aimed aspects. I'd like to see an explanation as well to be honest that's the least you deserve right? If this game is more PVP aimed, sure thing, you could say that however in reality there is a lot of people that like to farm, kill zombies etc. etc. I think the least that can happen is have at least 1 out of 4 points something aimed towards a PVE / loot / killing zombies aspect or at least any other aspect than killing players. I disagree that this game is PVP ONLY, because it's not.
  9. Event is now over.
  10. It's a vicious circle: it demotivates players to join, if the lobby's aren't filling up fast enough etc. Shrinking the amount of servers should get the pop a bit higher, lobby's fill up faster, more players in less servers instead of them divided over every server and more players will most likely start sticking around because lobby's fill up faster, and more people to play against.
  11. Just a reminder to you all but this event has already started!
  12. Dear Community, Tomorrow it's 4th of July and to celebrate the 4th of July we have a little event in New Z that has just started! We hope you all like the event and we wish you all a nice 4th of July. Here is exact event dates: Start: July 3, 17:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 5, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Now, let's jump into the details of this small event: 25% discount on the 2500 GC Package: Only on Xsolla (at http://playnewz.com/buygc/) the 2500 GC package now has a 25% discount! 4th of July zombies: Zombies in all game-modes have 4th of July hats. They drop the item they have equipped on death. Special Marketplace Spotlight: The following items are released only during this event: - 4th of July hat version 1. (Open World) - 4th of July hat version 2. (Open World) - M4 USA skin. (All game-modes) - FN Scar USA skin. (All game-modes) - 4th of July character clothes. (4) (All game-modes) The following items are on discount during this event: - Riot Shield America. (50% discount) (Open World) Special game and launcher background: The background of the launcher has been updated: The background of the game has been updated: For now we wish you all a great 4th of July! And enjoy the events! Have fun! // The New Z - Staff Team
  13. I know man don't worry. I know it can change a lot besides the fact that a lot of current icon look like complete *** and a thousand other reasons but not everyone sees it that way. It wasn't just my own time, I'd do it in my own time but even that has 0 point so it kind of sucks. I have to admit that I have spend a couple of "work" hours here and there on this, but then again
  14. I know. I agree. Unfortunately the decision is not up to me and I'm not allowed to continue further. Sorry.
  15. Should be fine! Should still have a pretty big chance on winning!
  16. Unfortunately work around this has been suspended because it's a "waste of time". Consider this thread closed.
  17. ️ Desion Skinbox GIVEAWAY! This time we are giving away 10 brand new Desion skinboxes! (5 random people can win 2 each) All you have to do is go to https://playnewz.com/giveaway and enter using as many entries as possible! Winners will be drawn on that link and an email will be sent with further info if you win. Good luck!
  18. Old vs. New: vs. vs vs vs
  19. Ill upload some before and after pics of the shields soon when I have some time
  20. Started on the Riot Shields now.. Will keep updated here.
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