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    super zombies

    Thanks for helping and answering! Please keep in mind the Alien Super zombies have a CHANCE of spawning at that time range, that doesn't mean they will always spawn every night.
  2. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    I mean I can't control what others do. I personally think forums are important and everyone should check and respond to threads from time to time. Not up to me.
  3. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    We will consider this for the next time!
  4. Hi @GENETICZZ, Thanks for these suggestions and you are correct! I am going to propose / question the part about when the next tournament is going to be. This is something I was actually going to do already and just confirms there is a need for this again, also by the community! When it comes to my part of the event related stuff around the community I am mostly putting a lot of effort in bringing these special week events which include a lot of new content, etc. You have probably already experienced one of these. Community really likes them and as for my part that's mostly what I will be / am focusing on. Best Regards, Sven
  5. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    Correction here* sorry, ticket was never closed***
  6. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    Hey, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I have went through your ticket personally, seen all the messages, but unfortunately at this moment I can not particularly help you. I don't know how / why the ticket got closed but I have personally asked @ElChupacabra to re-look into your ticket as soon as he has some time. I wish I was able to help and fix your issue straight away here Sorry for the trouble.
  7. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    WEEKEND SALE! LIVE NOW! This weekend with the Custom Guerilla Fun Edition Fallen Angel brand new in the market! (Check picture or in-game marketplace for more discounts!)
  8. Dear Community, It's almost weekend again and that means time for another weekend event. This time we have an epic free revive weekend coming up together with three other cool events. We hope you all like them and that this weekend event contains something for every type of player. Before we jump into the actual event here is the exact dates: Start: August 9, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: August 12, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, here are further details about every event: Battle Royale Map change Arena is back! As we promised we would be rotating the map and leaving only one map at a time, it's time to bring back the most popular Battle Royale Map! Arena will be available until next week. PVE Servers Rebuilding your GI? Need that sniper stock? We are adding a few Official PvE servers. Now you don't have to worry about people killing you and stealing your precious loot! Available in Open World and Survival. Free Revive Weekend Die away! Don't be afraid to die now. We are allowing every player, regardless of account subscription to revive themselves completely free! PvP servers and Open World Servers only. First-Person-Only Rocky Ford PVP Server The most popular PvP map is now going to be a showcase of skills! First-Person only servers will be available in Rocky Ford Hybrid Servers (Every gun type allowed). Bring your 360s and your quickscopes to play in Rocky Ford. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
  9. Sven


    True. Although biggest problem with this is copyright. The "light swords" are called "sword" for a reason. I love the idea though. Keep things like this up. I would transform this idea in a more space / futuristic week event. A bit like the infinity skins are in theme. Now that we mention the light swords, I do plan on reworking those as mesh, textures etc. are a huge mess, unoptimized and look like *** so maybe a rework there + an event themed like this will be a great combination! I can already share with you that the first upcoming one I am doing is summer themed. Some very cool and funny stuff incoming for that! Thanks for the feedback! Best Regards, Sven
  10. Hi @CampersRUs, Regarding the juggernaut "zombie" armor this is indeed the plan. It's totally aimed to fit in Survival and that is what it's made for. There will be 3 variants for the helmet and the armor; a basic, medium and ultimate one. The basic one can be crafted using a heavy armor and other parts, and from there using unique new item parts (not sure what exactly yet) you'll be able to upgrade your armor and helmet towards the ultimate status. Each time you upgrade it, it will be stronger and stronger. It's not going to give more protection than the heavy armor, but it's going to decrease damage from zombies taken. The ultimate one will obviously block the most damage. Next to that I am going to make a very cool skin for the ultimate versions of the helmet and the armor. Overall this item in it's ultimate form will be very hard to get and definitively something you want to make sure not to lose / die with. Going to be fun! Next to this we do plan to make it so when using this armor your movement speed is slightly decreased, as it's pretty "big" so to say. Regarding your boulders with trees sticking out, I know. Although I have to say the amount of boulders could have something to do with the PVP in that area; for example if we find it's too open around a certain spawn point we could use boulders (as example) to give more cover for players. When it comes to these individual reports I am certain @Steve is aware of this and I'd recommend to keep reporting these cases including screenshots so that Steve can fix these. Thanks for sharing them on the map report thread. Best Regards, Sven
  11. Thanks! Just to get back to YOU before you get back to me; been working on a zombie armor -- juggernaut suit especially made to protect yourself against zombies. It's still WIP but here is some pics: My plan further is to add this to Survival where; you can upgrade the armor using parts. Player will start with basic version and over time be able to upgrade it to the ultimate version, in the pics is the version that is the "ultimate" as it has all the parts combined
  12. Good luck with the stream!
  13. Good luck with finding some people! Keep in mind we have a discord server where a lot of players have joined you can also send the message out there to perhaps reach more people! Best Regards, Sven
  14. Inventory UI and the attachment System are definitely things we have already considered, discussed and brainstormed for. I agree. On both. Best case scenario attachments would actually kind of go "inside" of the gun when attaching and stay there, even when the weapon is dropped. This would require a little UI where you could see the inventory of the weapon. -- Hope this explanation makes sense. Yes some attachments are not able to be attached to certain weapons, and this is why there are types. Some are for shotguns only, some are for assault rifles only, that's just how it is. If we were to proceed with this feature I'd like to also make this separation more clear. For example we could use colors where each weapon category would have it's own color linked with the attachments. This way players will know what is attachable to what weapon. When it comes to the inventory this is an even bigger thing and something we have internally talked about so much. We have already some ideas and concepts worked out and this is something we will definitively implement when the times is right. Things we have already considered related to this are: - Cosmetic slots; have cosmetic typed items that can be in these slots -- you don't lose them upon death and are purely cosmetic. - There is currently an armor and a helmet slot; we'd like to add legs and perhaps even neck, arms, hands and feet. Hope these answer some of your questions! Best Regards, Sven
  15. For everyone reading this, @RIpper1403 has re-posted this thread and I have answered there. Let's continue discussion there: Best Regards, Sven
  16. Hi @RIpper1403 First of all I'd like to say what a shame that your original post slipped by. I have read it and just in case I am going to reply to that original thread as well, but first i'll reply to this one. I'd like to say that I really appreciate the time and effort you've put into these suggestions. Some are very nice ideas. Thanks! Let me answer each of your point separately: We have / had some plans for vehicles and this is also something we have talked about in the past. Current situation is that the whole system is still (unfortunately) very unstable. Over the past periods we have tried numerous amount of fixes, we have reduced the amount of vehicles spawning, increased again, etc. etc. We'd like to prioritize fixing the actual system first before expanding it with more features. If we get to that point we'll most likely make it so you can lock / unlock cars, they will have an inventory, switch lights on / off, perhaps FPS view, unique klaxons etc. etc. All plans. Hope this gives you a better insight on that. We have been working on the overall lighting ever since. If you have any particular suggestions please let us know. Lighting is map based and we try to have the same lighting on every map but if something doesn't feel right, let us know. Scary sounds are random and overall to give the "scary" effect we have made them more rare. Optimizing / improving the grass and other foliage is on our to-do list. Something we definitively aim to do. I have heared this before. Best way you can help / other players reading this is come with particular reports. For example this way: "loot in Colorado V1 Survival in the super markets in Clearview, Smallville and Campos is always the same. Please consider X, I suggest X etc." <- This will help out a lot. You mean to say: Make snipers more common in Survival on Military places? Wouldn't that just go exactly against your "return to the excitement that was before in WarZ" - feeling? Good suggestion. We'll look into this. If you have further particular suggestions about crafting a certain item / certain type of items please let us know. Please be as explaining as possible Look at example I mentioned about the loot. We have made the decision to never add durability back into this game ever again. We are considering / brainstorming about a system that allows players to literally "break down" weapons aka shred weapons and get components back. On the long term we'd like to do this for Survival to make the crafting system more advanced. If I hear more about the progress on this i'll make sure to let the community know. Love this. I remember. I am going to come up with some concepts and propose this to the rest of the team. I definitively think this can get into the game quite easily. Once again I am going to ask you here to be more particular. Please refer to unique locations / maps / POI's so we can work from there. Do you happen to have examples of this? Once again this is a very "global" point and not much we can easily do if we don't have examples. Sorry. I hope these answers help you, and the rest of the community a bit. Best Regards, Sven
  17. Yeah the idea is funny, I agree. But maybe the trash bag wasn't the best item to be so "featured" as 1 out of 4 parts of the weekend event. I understand.
  18. Dear Community, It's been a while and we've had some of these fixes laying around for quite some time now. We just wanted to release this patch to fix these issues. It's not a big one, but it's not a small one either. Now, let's jump into the patch notes: GAMEPLAY Fixed the description of the Lopes 45-S. It was using the description of the MACH-9 before. (This is fixed in all languages) Fixed an issue related to the Nether potion when spawning inside a safe zone. This should no longer happen and you should be able to play as a Crawler properly again. Jumping and player movement has been refined and smoothened even more. MISSIONS Highered XP you get when finishing a mission. Fixed some mission descriptions and titles. Fixed some spelling mistakes. Also re-wrote some of the descriptions to make it more clear what needs to happen for that particular mission. Fixed the "Save the kids" mission. Fixed some issues related to some missions. Missions that require you to craft, find, deliver or consume an item will now display the item name for clarity. FIXES & CHANGES Gun parts now have "(Gun Part) " added in their description. This to make it easier to understand and more clear that this particular item is a gun part. Gun parts now have the correct TPS model. This means when dropping a gun part on the ground, the model matches the actual gun part. This wasn't the case before and it would drop a different mesh on the ground. Gun parts no longer "clip" into the ground being kind of invisible for the player. All dropped meshes have been fixed. Fixed some errors and corruptions related to gun part meshes. Fixed the sizes of some gun parts where some were extremely small unrealistic meshes. Fixed the iron sight alignment of the KB-12 shotgun. It's now aligned properly with the hit marker / center of the screen. REWORKS Reworked the store icon of the SVD Frame. Reworked the store icon of the Wooden Block. Reworked the store icon of the Metal Pipe. Reworked the store icon of the Pistol Frame. Reworked the store icon of the Shotgun Frame. Reworked the store icon of the Rifle Frame. Reworked the store icon of the Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Burst Mechanism. Reworked the store icon of the Auto Mechanism. Reworked the store icon for the 2x Scope. Reworked the store icon for the 4x Scope. Reworked the store icon of the 9mm Barrel. Reworked the store icon of the 12ga Barrel. Reworked the store icon of the 556 Barrel. Reworked the store icon of the 762 Barrel. Reworked the store icon of the Magnum Barrel. Reworked the store icon for the Food Rations. Reworked the store icon for the Water Bottle. Reworked the store icon for Canned Food. Reworked the store icon for the Energy Bar. Reworked the store icon for the Snack Package. Reworked the store icon for the Energy Drink. Reworked the store icon for the Objective Crate. Reworked the store icon for the Nether Potion. Reworked the store icon for the Key. Fixed some flying ammo boxes in the wastelands. Fixed an issue related to the vault access in the HBO safe zone. Increased the respawn timer of Nethers at the Lakeside safe zone. Note: Patch notes might be changed if we need to fix or add something. Patch will roll out any moment from now. We are still testing some last things so there is no current ETA on when exactly we will update. Keep an eye out on our social media channels and we'll make sure to let you know! In case you are inside a server while we patch, servers will initiate a shutdown sequence and will notify all the players with a countdown that the server is going down. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! Need support? Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Zm3hpBB <- PM the "Nether Support" bot on the right for support. Website: http://support.fredaikis.com/ <- Create a ticket there under the "Nether: The Untold Chapter" section. E-mail: [email protected] <- We will help you from there. Feedback? We highly recommend to join us on our forums at http://forums.fredaikis.com/. Just create an account (scroll a bit down on the home page) and you'll find the Nether: The Untold Chapter section. There is all the room for you to create threads about your ideas or to report any issues. You could also share them through social media however it's best for us if you'd use the forums for this. Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetherTUC/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetherTUC Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010270/Nether_The_Untold_Chapter/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nethertuc YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5HV4MZx9yq53vogFrrPQwA/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/NetherTUC/ Website: https://nethertuc.com/ Wiki: https://nether.gamepedia.com/Nether:_The_Untold_Chapter_Wiki Best Regards, // Fredaikis
  19. Thanks for the feedback! Regarding point 2 this is something we are aware of, but we just didn't implement a so to say "control point" yet that fixes this. We do 100% plan on adding this before full release. This point is going to allow you to claim the area and let only you + whoever you white list build in this area. Regarding point 1 I agree that that makes sense. After all we disabled "normal" damage now to building blocks; it's going to be that only timed explosive can destroy blocks. So especially because of that there should be a way for the base owner to still remove something. I have written the feedback down and will bring that up on the next meeting with the team. Best Regards, Sven
  20. Sven

    Police Week Event

    You mean K. Style Helmet? Viking villages shouldn't be there. Could you explain around where we could find them? Thanks for your feedback about the building system. I'll find it.
  21. Sven

    Police Week Event

    Double XP + GD is now over as well. Winners for the giveaway have also been drawn. I have contacted the winners through email. Thanks everyone for participating.
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