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  1. Small update for those who don't use Social Media: Blast your enemies away or temporary disable them with the newly released clay mores and bear traps! Out now in the Open World game-mode.
  2. Something coming related to that "Majority of us are xp'd out" soon
  3. Clay-mores and mines are NOT released yet but I am pretty sure we'll start with Open World on both as we'd like to see first how they affect gameplay before implementing them in Survival. Would be cool to have them also in the Battle Royale game mode and maybe even Competitive?!
  4. Servers are back online.
  5. We are experiencing an issue with our servers; we are sorry for the longer downtime. Shouldn't take that long anymore.
  6. Dear Community, It's been a while and a lot has happened in that while. We have done a lot of work in and around the game and we are very excited to share this patch with you all. You will see a lot of improvements and additions have been done to the building system; we are definitively coming close to an end product and we expect to have the building system live and released soon in an upcoming update so stay tuned for that. Next to that we have the summer 2019 events coming up, even though the summer has almost came to an end it can never be too late for some positive summer vibes! Stay tuned for that as well as separate announcement(s) will follow. Now, let's jump into the patch notes. Overall Updates: GENERAL: Added several new content and models for the Summer Event Week 2019. Finished the Filipino language translation. Players can now invite / join / kick players from their group when being dead. Increased overall health of lock boxes. Improved the vehicle hitbox. Added a name and icon to the display notification when picking up items. FIXES: Fixed an issue related to the XP (experience) icon missing in some cases. (for example on the mission rewards) Fixed an issue related to the Vietnamese language pack that was causing the game to crash when switching to this language. Fixed several translation issues related to the Filipino language. Fixed several translation mistakes related to the German language. Fixed a bug related to the load-out system skipping backpacks when reviving in the game itself. Fixed a bug related to airdrops despawning when interacting with them. Fixed a bug related to the clan points showing their vulnerability message in the in-game chat when joining a server. Fixed various bugs related to the vehicle system where players would become invisible randomly. MODELS: Removed the physics of the ladders from the krane models. Now players can not go up there any 'legit' way anymore. Keep in mind being up there will result in your account being possibly banned or punished. Base Building System (Beta) Updates: GENERAL: Overall improvements have been made to the smoothness of the system. Walls and foundations should clip a lot better now and not have weird clipping glitches anymore. Walls, foundations and ceilings have now been properly aligned: there should not be any more gaps and other weird alignment issues. Foundation stairs have been fixed. They are now smooth to walk on. Added the K. Style NVG to the base-build load out. Added the Resource Collection tool to the base-build load out. Players can now deal damage to their own building blocks if they have building privilege. This allows them to quickly destroy something if they didn't mean to place that particular object or building block. We do plan on adding some kind of demolition tool later on. Players can now see, when building with the building tool, how much resources are needed to place / build that particular building block. Improved building object snapping. It is now a lot smoother and easier to use. Players can now manually rotate items when building by pressing the "R" / reload key. Fixed a lot of bugs that prevented players from placing objects / building blocks certain ways. Added a building height limit to prevent players from building infinitely high into the sky. ADDITIONS: Added a raid item: Timed Explosive. The idea is that we have now disabled building blocks damage from every item except new so called 'raiding items'. The timed explosive is the first addition. Players can place it on a building block, it will have a countdown and an explosion that does damage to the building block and everyone in the near surroundings of the explosion. Added a so called 'Territory Cupboard'. This is an item players have to place down in a secured area of their base that controls the privilege and marks the building area for privileged players. Only privileged players have access to the base (doors) and are able to build in that area. Any player can get privilege by simply going to the Territory Cupboard and by then holding "E" on it. Finished the resource collection system. A lot still has to be tested and done but the basis of the system is there. For now, gathering resources only works with the resource collection tool. When equipping this tool resource 'objects' will highlight. (Rocks, trees, metal objects) When hitting this resource you will gather it. For example: if you hit a highlighted rock, you will get stone. All resources will go to the player's inventory. You essentially need resources to build your base and craft items. Our long-term goal with the resource collection system is to add more 'tools' basically we aim to enable resource collection for any melee in the game, however some gather more than others and some can't gather a specific item. We also aim to add health to resources, this way players can't keep hitting the same rock infinitely. Item & Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed an error related tot he ZK Bus Spawner store icon. Fixed an issue related to the vehicles where there was no / bugged hit markers. Fixed the AA-12 automatic shooting sound. The sounds are now properly synced with the weapon when full auto-ing. Fixed an issue related to the Jericho Police not rendering certain attachments. Fixed the spread and recoil changes for the Desert Eagle. Fixed the iron sight for the AK12 Specialist where it was using a different skinned iron sight before. Fixed the TPS variant for the AK12 Specialist where it was using a different TPS model before. Fixed / Updated the description for the Zombie Repellent item. ADDITIONS: Added a new item: Bear Trap. This is a placeable item players can place anywhere in the world. It's essentially a trap and does damage when players walk through it. Also, the player walking through it will get stuck for 3 seconds. Only the player walking through it will take damage. Added a new item: Claymore. This is an explosive device players can place anywhere in the world. When another player walks past it, it will detonate causing an explosion doing damage to anyone near it. Added a new hat: Construction Hat. Added a new hat: Stuffed Construction Hat. Added a new hat: Cowboy Hat. Added a new hat: Dad's Cap. Added a new hat: Dad's Green Cap. Added a new hat: Fedora. Added a new hat: Green Fedora. Added a new hat: Pilot Hat. Added a new hat: Pirate Hat. Added a new hat: Police Hat. Added a new hat: Rice Hat. Added a new hat: Trapper Hat. Added a new hat: Trash Hat. Added a new hat: Trilby Hat. Added a new hat: Green Trilby Hat. Added a new hat: Cowboy Hat 02. Added a new hat: Beanie Hat. Added a new hat: Beret Hat. Added a new hat: Boater Hat. Added a new hat: Cap. Added a new hat: White Cap. Added a new Fun Edition skin: Mauser SP66 Fun Edition. Note: the following items are part of the Summer Week 2019 event and will be released then. Added a new item for the Summer 2019 week event: Scuba Mask. Added a new consumable item for the Summer 2019 week event: Ice Cream. Added a new item for the Summer 2019 week event: Riot Shield Summer. Added a new item for the Summer 2019 week event: Summer Hat. Added a new box for the Summer 2019 week event: Summer 2019 Box. Added a new skin for the K. Style Helmet: K. Style Helmet Scuba. Added a new skin for the Sig Sauer 556: Sig Sauer 556 Summer. Added a new skin for the M107: M107 Summer. Added a new skin for the Custom Guerilla: Custom Guerilla Summer. Added a new skin for the K. Style NVG: K. Style NVG Summer. Added a new skin for the Heavy Armor: Heavy Armor Unicorn. Added a new spray for the Summer 2019 week event: Scuba Spray. Added a new spray for the Summer 2019 week event: Ice Cream Spray. Added a new spray for the Summer 2019 week event: Cocktail Spray. Added a new spray for the Summer 2019 week event: Water Melon Spray. Added a new contract for the Summer 2019 week event: Cool Down Challenge! CHANGES: Changed the 'no icon' for skinned pso-1 scopes to the default pso-1 scope icon. Changed the 'no icon' for skinned tactical sniper scopes to the default tactical sniper scope icon. IMPROVEMENTS: Improved the store icon for the Sig Sauer 556 Gold. Improved the K. Style Helmet Masks skins. Fixed several issues including where the meshes looked weird and had clipping shadows. Also improved the overall smoothness of the masks. They are now proper quality. Updated / Improved the textures for the Ghillie Suit Camo. REWORKS: Reworked more Riot Shield store icons. Also finished all the icon variants for the skins. Reworked the K. Style Helmet store icon. Also finished all the icon variants for the skins. Also finished the recipes. Reworked the K. Style Helmet Minimal store icon. Also reworked the model, mesh looks smoother and is more optimized. Fixed triangular shadow face issues and some issues related to the lightning. Reworked the Glasses store icons. (Basic ones and the aviator skins) They look a lot better now. Reworked the Riot Shield GOSU textures and store icon. Reworked the store icons for the Heavy Armor parts. (Used as crafting items to craft a Heavy Armor in Survival) Reworked the reload sound of the PKM. Reworked the SVD store icon. Also reworked all the icon variants for the skins. Reworked the Mauser SP66 store icon. Also reworked all the icon variants for the skins. Survival Updates: ITEMS: Added a new armor: Juggernaut Armor. This armor is specialized in blocking zombie damage. A perfect protection against damage from zombies. It's originally based on the Heavy Armor and players in Survival can build that into this new Juggernaut Armor using the crafting system. The armor has 3 variants; basic, medium and ultimate where the only difference between them is the zombie damage blocking value. The ultimate variant of the armor will block A LOT of zombie damage and next to that the ultimate armor will also have a unique skin. More about how to get that skin in further patch notes. Since this armor is a very unique, rare and strong item it will gradually decrease the players movement speed when using this item. The ultimate variant will slow the player the most down. Juggernaut Armor Basic - Juggernaut Armor Medium - Juggernaut Armor Ultimate Added a new helmet: Juggernaut Helmet. This helmet is the matching helmet for the Juggernaut Armor. Although the Juggernaut Armor blocks zombie damage, this helmet doesn't. It is very strong and has a lot of protections in return. This helmet also has 3 variants; basic, medium and ultimate where the only difference between them is the protection value. The ultimate variant has the highest protection. Juggernaut Helmet Basic - Juggernaut Helmet Medium - Juggernaut Helmet Ultimate Below we will who you what items we added for the Juggernaut Armor & Helmet upgrade process. Added a new contract for / around the Juggernaut Armor & Helmet. The name of this contract is: "Become a Juggernaut". This contract is part of the Juggernaut Armor & Helmet upgrade process. We will explain below how this will work. Added a new crafting component: Juggernaut Arm Piece. Added a new crafting component: Juggernaut Body Piece. Added a new crafting component: Juggernaut Spikes. Added a new crafting component: Juggernaut Head Case. Below we will explain how you can get this armor, upgrade it and where you can find everything you need for it. As we mentioned earlier: the base of this armor is the Heavy Armor. Heavy Armors in the Survival game-mode are rare but players have them already and there is definitely ways to get the Heavy Armor. The Heavy Armor + the new "Become a Juggernaut!" Survival contract are the two fundamental items you need to start your way to get the Juggernaut Armor & Helmet. The contract is relatively common so it should not be too hard to get one. Once the player has found a "Become a Juggernaut!" contract he has to activate it and kill 5.000 zombies. When the player has killed 5.000 zombies, and finished the contract, he will be rewarded with the following items: 1x Juggernaut Helmet Basic + 2x Juggernaut Arm Pieces. The helmet speaks for itself, the player now has a Juggernaut Basic Helmet. The two arm pieces + an original heavy armor + some glue & some rope can then be crafted into the Juggernaut Armor Basic. The player now has the both basic juggernaut armor and helmet. Now, both the helmet and armor need an upgrade to the medium variant. For the helmet to upgrade it to the medium variant you will need: 1x Juggernaut Helmet Basic + 1x Juggernaut Head Case + Some rope + Some glue. To get the Juggernaut Head Case all you'll have to do is kill normal super zombies until it drops you one. For the medium variant of the armor you will need: 1x Juggernaut Armor Basic + 1x Juggernaut Body Piece + Some rope + Some glue. To get the Juggernaut Body piece all you'll have to do is kill alien super zombies until it drops you one. Now that you have the medium variant of both the Juggernaut Armor and the Juggernaut Helmet you are going to want to upgrade it to the ultimate variant. To upgrade the helmet to the ultimate variant you'll need: 1x Juggernaut Helmet Medium + 2x Juggernaut Spikes + Some rope + Some glue. To upgrade the armor to the ultimate variant you'll need: 1x Juggernaut Armor Medium + 5x Juggernaut Spikes + Some rope + Some glue. To get the Juggernaut Spikes you'll have to be lucky: find them. They can spawn anywhere on the map. Collect them and upgrade your armor and helmet to the ultimate variant! To spice things up a bit we have also made a very cool skin for both the Juggernaut Armor Ultimate and Juggernaut Helmet Ultimate. As an event, this patch only we will reward players with these 2 unique legacy skin recipes. Of course this would only be for the Survival game-mode as that's where this armor is released. Here is how the skins look: To get these two legacy skin recipes all you have to do is get the Juggernaut Armor Ultimate and the Juggernaut Helmet Ultimate in your Survival global inventory. Once you have them, leave them there until patch 2.38! (If patch 2.38 takes too long to be released, we might make a separate announcement and roll the skins out earlier.) Every player who has the Juggernaut Armor Ultimate and the Juggernaut Helmet Ultimate in their global inventory at that point, will receive the unique legacy skin recipe for both items. This is the ONLY time you will ever be able to receive these skins! Note: We decided to do actual recipes this time as it gives players the option to decide themselves if they want to learn, trade or hold on to it! CRAFTING: Attachments are now craftable: Repair Kit Wrench (1) Metal (1) Plastic (1) Glue (1) Rag (2) Compact Scope Red Dot Sight (1) Aluminum Foil (2) Nails (1) ACOG Sight Reflex Sight (1) Tech (1) Aluminum Foil (1) Aimpoint CS Reflex Sight (1) Tech (1) Aluminum Foil (1) Red Dot Sight Holographic Sight (1) Tech (1) Aluminum Foil (1) Modular Grip Aluminum Foil (3) Forward Grip (Metal (2) Plastic (2) Glue (1) SMG Grip Aluminum Foil (2) Rifle Flashlight Flashlight (1) Aluminum Foil (2) Battery (1) Rifle Laser Aluminum (2) Tech (2) Battery (1) Tactical Sniper Scope Compact Scope (2) Aluminum Foil (1) LOOT: Reduced the chance of SWAT armor spawning. The item has a lot less spawn chances now. COLORADO V2 (Survival): Lowered the amount of spawning cars. COLORADO V1 (Survival): Lowered the amount of spawning cars. Open World Updates: COLORADO V2: Fixed the render distance of the hay bales next to the NATO Base. (PVP) HOSPITAL: Fixed the trees which didn't had any collisions and you were able to walk through. Battle Royale Updates: GENERAL: Adjusted the shadow settings for the high / ultra graphic settings. Estimated patch size: around 300 mb. Patch ETA: patch will roll out shortly after this announcement. Estimated downtime: around 1 hour but we'll try to keep it as short as possible. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Fredaikis
  7. Trade thing is just an example of very over complicated concepts I came up with. 2 examples (quickly explained) I can give are: The "overcharged" idea. Basically we'd create an "overcharged" / "upgraded" variant for each weapon. These variants are basically same weapon, with some different visuals and better stats. There is charge as these would apply as a value on the weapon: charge runs out when using: when charge 0% you'd have to "re-charge" it again or it's useless. Then, to charge weapon you'd need an item, in this example a weapon shard. Every weapon has a shard and to get shards for a particular weapon you'd have to trade that particular weapon in with an NPC. In example: player trades in 100 VSS's and gets a 100 VSS shards. Then to charge an overcharged VSS he'd have to use 10 of these shards. Now, to get a normal VSS "overcharged" all you'd have to do is trade in enough VSS's to get for example 100 VSS shards, that you can then turn into an upgraded / overcharged VSS. Sorry if it sounds complicated but this is a GREAT way to get rid of numerous amounts of weapons. Just some points.
  8. Hmm I agree but this information is nothing new; might sound odd but for me this is also very logical. What really CAN be done, SHOULD be done and WILL be done is an entire different story. Don't get me wrong, I am not using this as an excuse but it's is a very, very complicated and sensitive situation. Have we tried stuff already? Yes, we have. But also like @Bravodog mentioned which is totally true; the game dynamically got to this point due to factors like the common spawn rate of snipers. I also do know that certain people in the team have different point of views and ideas on this topic and once again like I said: it's a very complicated situation. However, I can at least speak for myself and this is my point of view: Is it an issue? Yes. However, consider other factors: This is ONLY in the Open World game-mode, The game (for the first time since Steam release) has been growing - maybe some new players are able to "get into it" - how else would the game be growing. Now you guys are going to say: Yeah but Open World is the most played game-mode, and the game could potentially grow even more if this wasn't happening and that is TRUE but again; it's all point of views, possible outcomes, discussions, opinions, scenarios. Unfortunately there is nothing that says here: this is the fix. It's not as easy as that at all. In my opinion and based on my experience I do have a pretty good image of "how to handle" this challenge. In games, but mainly in situations related to currencies and quantities of goods; in this case the snipers, I think it's the worst mistake we can make to do any abrupt changes. Anything that we'd want to do to improve this situation has to be in little steps towards a goal. This will always allow us to take a step back, or make a bigger step forward if we see that the step works. The only scenario I'd see an abrupt change actually "fix" this is if the game has too little amount of players and we end up doing a wipe, fresh start and have the snipers rare from that start. Let's just not be negative and go out from the scenario above. I don't like to think that way although it is a realistic scenario. At this moment maybe not as much as the game (like I mentioned earlier) IS actually growing. Now, steps I see us take in the near future can be (and not in this particular order) as following: Improve weapon mechanics: This can and will lead to better assault rifles mainly, but also sub machine guns and pistols I see being really affected by this. With improvements here I mean to realistically improve weapons to a point they are actually working as they should, and shoot where the player aims. Once again take assault rifles here as an example. The first change here I'd see happening is removing the random (bullshit) spread and actually implement recoil patterns for every weapon. This allows players to "learn" any pattern for any weapon and this way hit more bullets. It makes the game more skillful and also when a player is good with a certain weapon allowing him to "fight" the snipers more as he will be able to hit more bullets. Further on improvements I'd also like to see is more customization and use towards attachments. Also mainly for assault rifles and sub machine guns. Improve player hit boxes: speaks for itself. This might not necessary be a "Nerf" towards snipers but I do think that skilled players will be able to hit more bullets with their weapons on other players. This is overall a point that should be done either way but I'd still like to mention it as it does play a role. Buff certain assault rifles, this is a very "big" point so to say but something that can be done to increase the use of them once again. Nerf certain snipers, it is an option. Give players more "ways" to get rid of their items / snipers. I have had a lot of ideas and suggestions based on this and examples I can mention is: allow players to trade in their items / snipers and get X back. Basically create ways and systems that could thin out the overall sniper amount. Make snipers more rare. This alone won't change anything as it's not going to change the amount that's already out there although it is worth to mention and has to be done in combination with points above. Buff certain armor or helmets, just so players don't get one-shot as much. Improve the map / certain areas so that there is more "cover" and less use for snipers. Just to be clear here: the points above are all from my own perspective and just some examples but could contribute in at least making the situation better. I especially like the first part about weapon mechanics. I think this can be a HUGE game changer for New Z. If you compare weapon mechanics at this moment in New Z with other games, New Z is pretty garbage. It's something WE can quite easily improve in my opinion. Just my points
  9. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    BTW; Update from yesterday:
  10. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    Allright, I am going to look at the loot for both the Alien and Toxic super zombie later today when @ElChupacabra gets on and together with him based on the feedback you all posted here I think we can improve the loot significantly. Stay tuned for that.
  11. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    Further parts of the weekend event are now turned off. Hope you all had a great weekend!
  12. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    I am going to turn off the weekend event now, however since loot can take some hours to update i'll leave the alien & toxic super zombie loot for now as I have proposed to the rest of the team to leave the loot as of how it is during this weekend event. I think you guys have a point. Let's see what the rest of the team thinks. Hope you had a great weekend!
  13. Sven

    Weekend Event!

    No, just better loot.
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    Weekend Event!

    oh yeah it was a mistype, sorry. I corrected it!
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    Weekend Event!

    Please note that this is starting in 5 minutes from now
  16. Dear Community, It's pretty much weekend again and that means time for another weekend event! This time we have a crazy sale on Xsolla where we are doing a 50% discount on the 50€ GC package! (https://playnewz.com/buygc.php) Next to that we have another Battle Royale map rotation, better loot for the Alien & Toxic super zombies in both Open World and Survival and as tip of the ice berg we are bringing back SpringValley in the PVP servers section where players can gain DOUBLE REPUTATION! Enjoy! Start: August 16, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: August 19, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, here are further details about every event: Battle Royale Map change Arizona is back! As we promised we would be rotating the map and leaving only one map at a time, it's time to bring back the most popular Battle Royale Map! Arizona will be available until next week. Toxic & Alien super zombie upgrade Toxic and Alien super zombies pose a real threat to you and your peers. Now it's time they bring the reward you deserve. Loot is improved on both of them over the weekend! SpringValley PVP is back The original PVP map is back this weekend! Join in the fun in this classic map! Get double Reputation during the weekend on it as well! Bring your friends and fight to call yourselves the Kings of the Valley! XSOLLA GC Package Discount The 50€ package has a 50% discount. This means it will now cost you 25€ to buy 15.000 GC instead of 50€! Note: only at: https://playnewz.com/buygc.php We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback We wish you all a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
  17. Calm down man, If I don't answer YOUR thread instantly that doesn't mean I don't give a shit. I am doing ALL I can to answer as much as possible, just so you know, so, think about that before giving me shit for not answering your thread within a day. Note: I also have a normal life and besides answering stuff on the Forums there is a lot, A LOT more on my plate. Just so you know. I hope more staff members would be more active on the forums to avoid these kind of things cause yeah.
  18. In my opinion nights should always be dark as hell. This way it's more realistic, it's changes the game and the gameplay more and night vision would actually become more useful. I'll propose this to the rest of the team. Man can you please stop this useless shouting "but noooo we must make more skins to make the game carnival and fashion show!!!". It makes me want to delete all your comments. I already warned you before. There is no point to write it like this. There is no point to bring this up. Stop it, once again. Unnecessary behavior. Loot seems to be unequal in different maps for Survival. This is something I can investigate and see what we can do about it. Well, okay if you want me to see it from that perspective, see it from this one then: 1. Players want to spawn close to where they died. They don't want to walk one million kilometers. Therefor spawns are close to where player dies. They are random, but only to a certain extend. 2. Randomizing the spawns making it completely random would change the core of the game. I personally would not like to do this. Besides that, that doesn't even fix the issue: players are still gonna spawn some times on that particular spawn. So no, that is not a solution either. I don't see a problem adding more rocks, trees, hills, mountains, rivers, grass or anything like that. I personally actually like that, as it doesn't just give more "cover" to players but also improves the look of the game. @RIpper1403 Back to your original comment: ^ See what I stated above first. Regarding your lighting, I agree. Unfortunately this is a matter of opinion and some people in the team think that it's perfect like this. I agree it looks too bright in some cases, I agree it doesn't look by far as good as what we could make it look like. It's mostly like this due performance but right now we are at a state that we have a lot more knowledge to reconsider reverting back some of the hardcore "optimization reasons", that btw, don't actually change anything related to optimization either way. It's been brought up in the team, it's been discussed A LOT of times for very long times. That's pretty much it. Although, I do consider making a "dummy map" starting with Colorado V2 in Survival changing some of the original lighting back, and see where that goes. Maybe it will convince some people Scary sounds are reduced in amount of appearance and in volume. I personally totally agree as they have a huge influence on the gameplay in Survival, although this is once again my personal opinion. I can't remember exactly why this has happened but I can remember I pointed this out. @Steve should be able to answer this more extensively. Let me quote the rest of your points: It should be like this. If it's not the case, once again let me know in detail where and when you experience this and i'll be able to look into this more extensively. I'd need to know what map, what location in the map, etc. These are very particular and individual scenarios that also have to be looked into in it's own case. Please consider this if you want to help us / point stuff out. Here is how to do it. They are very rare, if not extremely rare in Survival. What exactly is wrong here? Isn't it how you just wrote you'd want it to be already? I like this idea, for Survival at least. Will bring up to the rest of the team. Love this idea. Good suggestion for @Steve. Love this idea! Cool suggestion. We should add "night" zombies that only spawn in the night, have modified parameters such as more damage, glowing eyes, etc. Different loot. Will bring up to the rest of the team. Something @Fred maybe can look into. I wonder what he thinks. I agree that some times zombies that SHOULD aggro on the player don't. Even though you just shot a loud sniper. Just an example For this I'd like to refer back to that particular example, what I stated about loot: These are very particular examples that we can not generalize. I'd need to know what map, what location in the map, etc. These are very particular and individual scenarios that also have to be looked into in it's own case. Please consider this if you want to help us / point stuff out. Here is how to do it. Good point. Will bring up to the rest of the team. Totally agree. Something we already discussed in the team actually. It's on our planning - not sure when integrated. I'll look into this. Best Regards, Sven
  19. The numbers are also used so that it's easier for players to find each other. For example: players could shout to each other; "Invite number #" or, "I ma number #"
  20. With "irritated" zombie you mean the toxic green-ish super zombie right? -- We are talking about Open World here correct? (just want to make sure) If this is the case this definitively does not sound correct and something we have to look into. I was unaware of this till now.
  21. Sven

    Montage Music.

    Non-copyrighted music for YouTube.. Something you're gonna run out of at some point indeed I'd try to hook up with some smaller artists that make music in the style you want and just ask them if you can use their music. Usually the smaller ones don't mind. Use for example Sound cloud
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