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  1. Copy and paste this and fill out the form: Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char!- Currently I'm back from a 14 month ban and I'm looking to join a clan again. Right my account is litterally 1 hour old. My old account had over -500k rep, 3.3KDR2. Rate your skill from 1-10 in PVP.- 103. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here- I have nothing (Im not trolling)--4. Have you been in any clans previously?- Yes, Devided we fall, BIXA, Chaos Vanguard4. (2) If so Why did you leave? Clan players went inactive in the NewZ section -5. How old are you?- 186. Where are you from?- United Kingdom7. Can you speak good English? - Yes8. Why should we accept you?- I'm a old player been playing since 2013 on WarZ. I'm actually looking to come back into this game and start streaming again and I'm a very friendly and skilled player willing to help others. I'm very competitive and non-toxic for the game.9. Do you know anyone in the clan currently? If so, How and Who? - No
  2. 1. What is your In-Game-Name (IGN)? sniperliam109 2. How old are you? 18 3. Where are you from (Country)? United Kingdom 4. Screenshot of ALL your characters -> My account has been completely wiped 5. Please tell us, why would you like to join Team UFO? Because I'm looking for a squad of players which is team orientated with high skill. 6. How long have you been playing NewZ and how active can you be? I've been playing NewZ since 2016 and have been playing WarZ emulators and WarZ it's self since 2013 7. Have you been in previous clans? If so, please list the clans you have been in. Devided We Fall, Bixa, Chaos Vanguard 8. How did you hear about us? Forum recruitment post 9. Do you know anyone in the clan currently? If so, who? Not sure 10. Do you agree to follow NewZ and clan rules? (Please note failure to follow the rules will result in a kick from the clan. Once you are kicked, you will not be given another opportunity to join) YES 11. Can you speak English? Yes
  3. Hello, I'm a old WarZ player I have been banned for 14 months from NewZ due to hacking accounts in the past. However, things have changed and I'm looking for a completely fresh start. If anyone has a clan or group that I can join up I'm more than welcome. I'm starting fresh so my gear isn't good just a heads up. However, I'm a good player and I imagine some of you know me already... Thanks, Sniperliam
  4. First of all I would like to start by saying sorry to the community. I did hack accounts along side with other people. I do owe a huge apology to everyone I really don't know what I was thinking. I would literally do anything to change the past of what I did but what I did is done now. I understand you guys probably still won't want me unbanned and is understandable, but can we please have a mutual conversation or something cause I really want to redeem myself and progress with playing NewZ. I understand you will probably reject me again. But it's worth a try of joining into this amazing community again... I would litterally do anything to be unbanned and given a 2nd chance at this point. I would have said this is a support ticket but I currently don't have google authentication on my phone so I'm unable to access my account. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, I wanted to contact support. To do so I must be logged into the website and be able to provide the google authentication code. Unfortunately I deleted the NewZ code provider on my phone is there a way of getting it back?
  5. Anyone need newz accounts i hacked the data base here's one account for example jdjune rayman02
  6. It's been around 36 hours now im curious how long support takes now I swear it use to be like -10hours or something
  7. Litterally just made an unban appeal after being banned for roughly 2 months... Hopefully I get unbanned and Start streaming and hosting the NewZ Gambling thing I did for a few of my last days
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