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  1. good patch. Luve it :3 now send flee bobs plz kAapa
  2. Apply people!!! i need more clan mates to kill :3
  3. Hey Svena it didt give me double Gc it scammed meeeeeeh can u plz look at it i can send you a picture
  4. i wantto play with you guys. i have play with you before glad. and i do play Pubg. i don thave any clans to stay in bcuz i have run solo for pretty long time
  5. just some friend that i got to know in gam ethat are nice people and not only want to kill me
  6. thats some people from discord that play everyday th eother in discord play other games liek pubg, h1z1 but if u wanna join our ts where everyone is online with a clan then feel free
  7. we are all over -25k but some of us are at +rep H E A L E R LILNEAL Hydro Smiffy Nide Normo Red The Rivals Endless King of Lucy King of Norway Spike Dryler Mayhem Jibus Wadoo
  8. https://discord.gg/qmCmGK perlite.typefrag.com:4325 Discord:: We have group of people that we play with in our discord. we are not a clan just friends that like to have fun and good time playing. Discord group we dont have really have any rules or age limit. trying to be nice and keep it calm In Discord and Teamspeak is not the same group. TeamSpeak:: if u likely want to join a clan and have people that are active all the time join our Clan with the Ts link: CLAN:: 1. Minimum age of 18+. (with some exceptions) 2. Be respectful to all users regardless of genders, Morals, Views, Race, and PC hardware 3. NSFW content is not acceptable. 4. We try to lead by example; therefore, we do not accept disrespecting other communities and expect the same. 5. Zero tolerance for cheating. 7. Anyone caught poaching members will be banned permanently without appeal 8. Anyone caught multiclanning without informing a owner admin or moderator will be banned with chance of appeal 9. Use the chain of command, do not just go straight to a admin talk to a mod or recruiter first before doing so
  9. have played this game for a couple of years but i just started again. I made a new group of people we are now over +50 members. if u wanna join pm me or join our discord https://discord.gg/qmCmGK we dont care if you are new to the game. Tryin gto have fun and a good time playing
  10. join our https://discord.gg/qmCmGK
  11. join our discord https://discord.gg/qmCmGK
  12. we mostly on ts but if u want people to play with join this discord. im always online if u wanna play just pm . https://discord.gg/qmCmGK
  13. I agree im playing with all of my friends and it keep crahing i even have 120+fps and it keep crashing, sometimes when we leave its say wait for a few moment and then crash, idk what you guys did to this fking game but turn it back everything it so sht now
  14. wait i can play the game but survival its not there for me
  15. it keep saying error. all of my friend are in and plaing and idk how to fix it
  16. my game keep saying error while all of my friends are in game
  17. like i said you just press f9 or f10 to hide it dude u stoopid?
  18. dude we we updat ewe are all getting error when and it keep saying like 4 days and 8 days and in the end in say error
  19. I have a mic i am 17 and 18 this year I have a decent gi, like i can gir uup everytime we gonna pvp I use Discord and ts every day i have play this game for almost a year i never loot and i always ask when i need something
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