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  1. I have the feeling of having seen this montage before but nice quality and skills!
  2. Obviously we cannot use that skin for copyright and image rights reasons, but I share your idea of maybe adding some skin of the same appearance, it can be fun! Game Staff
  3. Actually both maps have the same amount of resources, however this will be discussed with the NewZ team. Thank you for informing us about this that you mention. You have a good day. Game Staff
  4. We appreciate your suggestions and feedback that you give us, for us it is really important. We currently have other priorities underway and news that we are working on. Maybe I like the idea of adding the V2 map to Survival mode, but as I say it is currently not possible. Have a nice day. Regards Game Staff
  5. Dear costumer, the program you mention is not allowed by our system. You have a good day. Regards Game Staff
  6. And so friends, it's how you fly and kill
  7. Dear survivor, have you checked if this problem is general? Or does it only happen to you in NewZ when you set the video settings to the maximum? The first thing I would do would be to check the air flow that your pc has, the second would be to download a program where it tells you what rpm your fans work at, I would check if I have the latest version of the AMD driver and finally I would check if it is the thermal paste. Hope it can help you. You have a good day. Regards Game Staff
  8. Dear costumer, The following changes have been made, regarding the aforementioned. Have a nice day. Regards #devupdates: From now on Survival servers 004 and 005 (in every Region) will have a restriction of 3 players per Clan/Group. Official Discord: https://discord.gg/TheNewZ
  9. Hello Grafit123, let me know if the help I gave you in our official discord helped you and solved the problem. You have a good day. Regards Game Staff Problem Status: Fixed
  10. Dear costumer, I recommend that you use our official discord, there you can find users sharing private servers, guides about the survival game mode and an endless number of things that can be useful and interesting. You have a good day. Regards Official Discord: https://discord.gg/TheNewZ
  11. Dear costumer, we need you to send us a ticket to technical support to help you in the best possible way to solve this problem as soon as possible. You have a good day. Regards Official support: https://playnewz.com/support.php
  12. Thanks for your report! will be reviewed and the necessary measures applied. You have a good day. Game Staff
  13. Great idea!! How about showing skins on different maps and different times of day and night. In this way it can be appreciated in more detail. Thank you for helping the community by contributing your ideas.
  14. Remember that it is a survival game, the first rule is not to trust anyone and try to survive. You can also create and join a clan, this way you will not receive damage when you are in a group. Have a nice day. Regards
  15. Both options are correct, you can stream under the name Infestation: NewZ and Infestation: Survivor Stories. Choose the one you want. You have a good day. Greetings Don't forget to follow all the steps necessary to receive the GC's reward.
  16. Dear costumer, we rolled out a Launcher update to fix the issue with updating the game when you had the old Infestation: Survivor Stories installed. Infestation: NewZ
  17. Hello, you can send us a ticket to official support to check your case and help you in the correct and most efficient way. You have a good day. Regards Support: https://playnewz.com/support
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