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  1. So, basically the Zombies are lagging / teleporting. EU Servers / Surival. It's annoying if the zombies teleport into you and you get hit while you can't hit them. + There aren't that many meds and then to use a Bandage etc. cause of a lagging Zombie is kinda, lets say it with the word meh.
  2. Contact there Support at : https://playnewz.com/support.php
  3. The Server capacity is at 100% this means that you are not able to rent any Private Server until one of them runs out. Keep an eye on there Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) they will Annouce it there as soon as you are able to rent servers again!
  4. Back in the days, there was such a system outside of the game on their website. You could make a listening of your stuff which you are selling with a price. They removed it and said, "we will rework it". It never came back
  5. You mean daily reward? Which is already in the game
  6. -.- Pls read the Post before asking/replying here.
  7. All this is not the point...... It's just annoying to get 100 meters 1 shot killed from any shotgun..... Just pls hear once (just once) about what the community is saying. And remove them.
  8. Make sure you run all these ".exe" as Administrator: NewZlauncher.exe and TheNewZ.exe and FACLoader.exe
  9. Better solution ban all thais
  10. 360 and 400 are legit the same. In every other game, you would get kicked or teleported back. #Rubberbanding But here PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF These Players knows about that and even abuse it but hey why should you guys care about it anyways
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