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  1. I play PVE Openworld and Survival so can only comment on that section. The different maps have different loot levels - you play according to how you want. If you are low on loot go to Oregon - if you want a challenge (and die of thirst :-)) go to Colorado. I have played on and off since 2012 - love the game; its better now than ever. We must never forget the level of cheating in early days - its so much better now. The only thing is predictability. When you have learnt the map, you get more efficient and that takes the discovery and danger element out of the game. There is nothing better than getting a new map and exploring it for days whilst trying to stay alive. Is it possible to change things up more often ; is it possible to randomize SZ's position, loot distribution, nr Z's (like swarms - then nothing), change town/settlement orientation, swap out settlements position - things like that.
  2. True story - he crashes everytime he tries to join me on Survival. Pity - Matt s
  3. I haven't seen one either - would love any car spawn map.
  4. Nr 2. If you mean farming for food, there are no mechanics for that right now. You just have to loot for food and weapons. In Survival Mode it takes time and you have to be careful. In Open Mode there is loot everywhere and many item boxes but they are not necessarily better than loot lying around. So pick your mode and have fun
  5. Sorry - it took me a while - clever response! "I'm Going To Build My Own Theme Park With Blackjack and Hookers" is a memorable quote said by Bender in a 1999 episode of the animated TV series Futurama.
  6. So it suits clans - sort of. Is everyone in clans? what percentage play solo. I do because i cant commit to fixed times and dont want to leave the group hanging.
  7. I agree.. You can work around this.. You can jump onto a goods truck or tent. Don't let him get into the tent because you will be in reach. Shoot him with one shot just outside the tent.. Settle yourself and work your magic
  8. Whistler

    Area 69

    So we can remember him when he is banned for not listening to the moderators ?
  9. I like this idea a lot.. We have to protect new players coming into the game and stabalise the existing community. So the hardcore survival mode but I love the Oregon map. It's massive and complex and will hold a large survivor population quite easily
  10. Whistler

    Loot - Survival

    I am too lazy to go back and read all the posts in this thread.. Just want to say I enjoy the new Oregon map so much. Well done to those that built the environment. The towns are nicely varied and just amazing.. I'm having a great time Thank you
  11. Whistler

    Loot - Survival

    True this.. And looking forward to this. I'm happy with the loot frequency.. I have more pistol silencers than I care to admit ?
  12. Whistler

    Loot - Survival

    Yeah I don't bother going to air drops anymore. I have to interrupt my play, run forever for really not much. I would have looted more in the same amount of time I wasted on this distraction. I love the idea of an air drop but they are so valueless at the moment.
  13. This is an amazing video.. Thanks
  14. This if an amazing tip. I can see myself dying a few times before I get it right. Thank you tho
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