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  1. Hello guys and developers, I would like to make a suggestion for a gun. . . THOMPSON GRIP . . THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN DRUM MAGAZINE . . THONPSON CHROME . . I do not know if it's asking too much, but it's always welcome suggestions.
  2. . . Unfortunately with the problems on the private servers, I can not have much fun
  3. If not even the fredaikis who is the demigod of the internet, can not fix the problems of FPS, then who will ?? So, I'll be there, we'll be waiting for this new patch .. I hope you fix this ridiculous bug that makes the other players "Inuteis", shoot behind the riot shield. And another, the server (BR) is locking in the middle of pvp, the game simply seems to choke. I noticed a very huge difference when I'm playing on the EU server, the items load faster, and in NA and SA it takes too long to load. Before you talk about my connection, she is excellent! http://www.speedtest.net/en/result/7314523977 And I ask you to reduce the fog in Colorado V2, this is disrupting the pvp during the night.
  4. Let's go to the facts .. Shoot behind the riot shield. Players taking advantage of all kinds of bug. The disadvantage of the honest player. Overall system improvements to ensure good FPS quality, my pc is good and anyway I need to leave the setup on the potato .. Wake up administrators, you're losing several players .. Five months ago I kept hearing say you were going to fix this bug, shoot without seeing behind the riot shield. Where is this correction? Have you forgotten ?? Or did simply ignore this for everyone if they took advantage of this bug more than ridiculous? The game is completely clueless the way it is. Players shooting behind riot shield, a thing without any sense, an added advantage for those who play dirty. And for those who play fair? That's why Infestation The NewZ is getting more and more annoying. I was one of the first to play this game, 1 month after it launched, even when it was unofficial, but pirate, and was one of the best emulators I've ever played and I put a lot of confidence in that game. Today I am completely disappointed not only with the game, but with the players themselves. And with you developers of this game. Fredaikis and his other other administrators in GENERAL! Even with several useless players taking advantage of various and various bugs in the game, I still try to play quietly, but the way it is is completely ridiculous! And are now going to launch this new mode of survival. Oh really? Players can even have fun with this new game mode, but if want to win more players then start correcting all these bugs in general, otherwise this game will not last for more than 1 year and look there. I leave here my dissatisfaction! Have a good day or a good night for everyone.
  5. After these two updates, I noticed that the snipers' accuracy has changed a lot. Before the first 500mb update, everything was normal, now with those two updates I had, my snipers, SP66, M107, OTS, are no longer as before. This afternoon I was in the middle of the pvp in Caliwood, I was playing from M107, and opponents players 100 meters away from me, the bullet simply made curves, or did not hit the head. We were playing in 7 clan members, they also reported the same problem, and several other players are also reporting the same problem. Request and responsible team to investigate all the snipers. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Newz administrators and players. Would not it be possible to add (SVD Modern Black) in the Modern Black box? In my personal opinion, I believe it would be very good, since other boxes of Skins she comes. SVD Winter SVD DayWalker SVD AUTOMN SVD HALLOWEEN SVD HYNX V2 SVD CAMO SVD FUNEDITION SVD DESTRUCTION SVD CHROME SVD MODERN BLACK ???
  7. Hello Newz administrators and players. Would not it be possible to add (SVD Modern Black) in the Modern Black box? In my personal opinion, I believe it would be very good, since other boxes of Skins she comes. SVD Winter SVD DayWalker SVD AUTOMN SVD HALLOWEEN SVD HYNX V2 SVD CAMO SVD FUNEDITION SVD DESTRUCTION SVD CHROME SVD MODERN BLACK ???
  8. Please lower bus prices on private servers as well.
  9. Yes, this is somewhat surreal to believe, but they do exist
  10. Now I was watching a live broadcast, and I noticed something very strange about the player (Frankstar). He healed twice in less than 2 seconds, is it possible? an observation. The transmission was perfect. Watch well at the beginning of the video, when it heals for the first and second time. I will leave you to give an opinion on this until we reach a conclusion. Slow motion.. https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingDistinctChamoisPoooound Normal recording. https://clips.twitch.tv/ScrumptiousPuzzledSquirrelDuDudu
  11. There are many people driven by the profit in managing this game.
  12. You do not see any problem because you live in a golden cradle, and for you it's no problem. You have a good salary, at least you should earn the quintuple of what we earn here in brazil, so that's okay with you. I invite you to live here in Brazil for at least 1 year. So who knows, you will feel on your skin what we feel every day, having to live with corruption without end. This is where the son cries and the mother does not see, my comrade. Do not tell me that (Everything is pleasant and favorable for you), because your person is not aware of absolutely nothing. You are young, with little knowledge of capitalism. Think well and correct yourself. My English can be awful, but you need to study more (GLAD) !! Sometimes I see so much scrotal happening in this game, that I simply try not to believe, but it is impossible to stop believing. Keep it up, selling iten with an absurd price, soon you will feel on the skin what it is to lose several and several players, for intolerance on your part! Pubg is very playable and enjoyable, NewZ is simply copying the same. So that's just it, people, to be well to all of you. It's a merry christmas.
  13. 70000 GC kit fallen angel??? What do you have in mind? This is an extortion, not counting the Brazilian currency, it is impossible for us to buy this, since the real is a misery for us. It makes no sense you put this absurd price, in a skin that comes wings and another that comes a halo. I do not know who the retard is going to buy this, really. You are too crazy!
  14. Every time we are in the middle of the intense PVP (Boulder colorado or Caliwood), the fps is falling a lot. From 70 drops to 20 ~ 25, you can not play this way. Mainly on the Brazilian server where the FPS drops very. I ask you to optimize the game, because every update fps drops a lot.
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