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  1. nerver win a prize in a lottery since i was born, maybe this will be the beginning? haha, foreign award, sounds good
  2. The opening up of HongKong Server is pretty great for all asian players especially for all Chinese players . Through most experienced Chinese player show less interest in HongKong server, but after the college entrance examination, lots of youngers show great interests in games like this type. However, some private servers in China do operate like as bullshit. so if u DEV group can release out the chinese language, with a more stable web connect and all new modes which u guys are putting in an amount of time and effort, i do believe that it will be a great game again as it was. Maybe some parts of occident dont feel comfortable when u seeing me asking for a Chinese language here, but for me, for all players who like this, we just wanna a server language which belongs to us. I do accept that most chinese squadrons use cheat tools, but dudes, u do believe that ur countries never use these tools and the mouse macro? it's just like tweedledum and tweedledee. I dont and cant reprent any country or any warband, i just simply asking for a language which belongs to hongkong server, if you accept the statement that hongkong belongs to china, then just give hongkong server a Chinese language asap pls.
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