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  1. In survival when we go to pvp, there are people in cars. We are being run over while we are behind a tree or a fence, or even a few meters away from the vehicle. this glitch is abused and it is so OP for people when they pvp. It ruins everything.
  2. ZT3X THE MACRO CLAN ZT3X Darioxix#4838
  3. Hey! I will be hosting my first ever 1v1 Tournament! It is very simple. I will be streaming it live on twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/darioxixi Prizes: 1st place will receive a prize. This will be a rare skin, Ex. fallen angel skin, chrome skin, or some rare skin. How to enter: Ingame name you will use to fight, and discord name to contact you. Rules! IMI TAR, SIG, AUG ONLY! STANAG 30'S ONLY!(unlimited), DX ONLY!(unlimited), ONLY 5 RIOT SHIELDS! No rifle flashlights! CUSTOM, K STYLE ONLY (no heavy armor), NO NADES, NO MELEE! Tournament date and time: TO BE ANNOUNCED!
  4. 100% agree. The survival community is slowly populating and we want to cherish that. This will help.
  5. Darioxix

    Selling AR's

    ill buy sigs, tars, and augs
  6. Ok, so we have waited for a long long time for the release of competitive mode. Especially the players with clans that pvp nonstop and compete in tournaments. I wanted some detailed information on competitive mode and its release. A couple questions i have. 1. Are you all currently working on the mode? 2. If yes, then how far along are you all on it? 3. Will the release be in 2018? 4. Could we see some proof that there is work done on it? (video, blog, pictures, forum post) 5. Details on what the mode will be like and whats going to be added. 6. What else needs to be done to finish and release the mode. These are only the few of many questions I'm sure lots of players have. Just a heads up, if the release of competitive mode occurs, Im sure of it that there will be a large number of warz/newz players returning to the game. This will bring a different outlook on NewZ. It would also add to it, in terms of different options on what to play. Non of this is meant to generate any negativity but to show the frustration of some players that have been waiting for this mode. We want the game to succeed. If we can get some feedback from the developers it would be highly appreciated.
  7. Darioxix


    Fair enough, But if you look at the discord in survival trading, more and more people are getting snipers and i was worried that the spawn rate increased for them. I just wanted to mention it here. It is not going crazy but I just wanted to mention that it has grown since the release of oregon.
  8. Team Name : ZT3X Nationality: USA, GERMAN, TURKISH, COSTA RICA, LATVIA Players: Darioxix, Izamaster, Recks, YZMaster, LancerOnFire Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): PoggersInTheChat, Matrix Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): Darioxix
  9. Darioxix


    Look at the survival discord. More people are trading snipers and snipers are now so much cheaper. 2 months ago only like 30% had snipers now almost everyone does. Ever since the Oregon map came out. So if you pay attention to the survival community you will notice. That’s my ‘statistics’ can you show me yours?
  10. Darioxix


    More and more people are getting lots of snipers. I recommend to make snipers a little bit more rare. Ever since the Oregon map snipers have been more common. I suggest making them a bit more rare. So we keep that aspect of when we hear a sniper, its like OHH SHIEETTT.
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