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  1. UberReady


    https://www.twitch.tv/uberready Giveaways type !raffle
  2. Team UFO Is Recruiting! (multinational) -We play: Open World, Battle Royale, Survival -Active Website, Discord, Teamspeak, Members, Streamers -From Well Seasoned, To New Players, ALL Are Welcome! Haven't Found What Your Looking For In A Clan Yet? Just Looking To Learn How To Play? Already A Streamer? Looking To Start Streaming? Give Us A Try! Discord: https://discord.gg/Afeyye9
  3. I didn't think about the IBA's , dammit. There so common tho, just wipe all the armor, and just have heavys. If everyone has one, won't make a difference
  4. Just dawned on me, there are no heavys in BR, can you replace the customs with heavys, so we can use the new skin.
  5. I can see it solo, when I join a party it goes blank, so who ever eles i invite, its from a "blank" person https://imgur.com/a/yvel6
  6. Link to the trailer on the landing page is dead.
  7. BR & Giveaways, some say hi https://www.twitch.tv/uberready
  8. Aww Drsnipe, we've played together before. Sorry you feel that way Taking zombies out of any game mode, is not the answer IMO I got alot of games in, less than 100 wins, I'm solo alot of the time, and face alot of groups, especially towards the end. I feel your pain. If it was solo, i'm positive people would still team, considering discord/teamspeak Splitting the base, prolly won't help anything, altho it might work because you only need 30 to start the game. You use to be able to send party invite's in the lobby before start, maybe bring that back so people got a chance to start with a group, if your solo. Giving solo BR a whirl, sounds interesting. There's a "looking for group" section on the NewZ discord, people can post in, if your looking for a team, or can post in the BR section on the site. I'm usually on and down for BR whenever, send me a friends invite UberReady, invite me to party if you ever catch me online
  9. https://imgur.com/a/IBtD9 11:33 EST 2/20/18 didn't know who he is or what clan he's in, but now seem's obvious https://imgur.com/a/bLAQY
  10. 1. Run as far away from spawn as you can 2. Use a shield to protect yourself, run into a house, jump a fence, try to bait anyone following you. 3. Don't stop at piles of loot right at spawn, use your protection wisely 4. Even if everything was perfect(which it is kappa) people would complain the sky isn't blue enough. 5. Ok, pick you own spawn, you all spawn in, what about the non clanmate/solo player, he gets screwed, your back to square one, as a whole. When coming up with ideas to change gameplay, you have to remember whats best for everyone/community not just yourself/as a clan. 6. PVP Servers are ment to be chaotic and fast paced 7. Try/stick to open world, where you can spawn on each other in a group
  11. Leave msg or send me PM
  12. Sometimes the sound glitchs and doesn't return to normal after game start. Happened to me few times, and another person Was on tropic, haven't noticed on other map yet https://gyazo.com/560d51c7c4c215f6b691413bfeff639e
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