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  1. Nothing new for survival mode?
  2. Probably due lower FPS but it would be really nice to see it again. It gave bigger chance to hide from someone or push the enemy
  3. 3 mins for premium, 5 mins for the normal players + maybe instant revive for the gc like it was in iss(?)
  4. 1. They arent gonna do that cause most players are from Thailand and countries around. Ping limit for all servers = dead EU servers 2. West oaks was giving so much fun before newz got sieged by Thai people, but shit happens 3. They have to add new skins to make money. It's simple 4.They arent gonna make competitive for the next year, I can promise. They arent even working on it now i guess. Lets wait for the release the new map 5. - 6. It's losing time. They can do something better instead of creating new map for 1v1. Wanna play 1v1? Go private or empty server 7. -
  5. 4 lata farmienia chyba. Cos osiagnales? Turnieje jakies czy cos? Sam jestes polaczek cwelu
  6. chilloucik

    ISS Nostalgy

    they already brought similiar terrain i guess and it would be nice to bring colors back too. gold old times
  7. fix revive timer and sometimes *mostly* cant see ppl which are driving cars
  8. There's something wrong with his neck
  9. They won't do anything with it because they have money from them. Business is business thats all
  10. Ordulee is back - is lagswitching on eu server west oaks, dont have video but reported him in game so you can check him
  11. What do you think about doing event dev server like it was in ISS for the upcoming holidays? I mean the server when you are spawning with the items which you get from the server (dont know how to say that but i mean this: 1. joining servers as a bambi, 2.when im on server i have for example ak47, mosin, some meds, barricades and ammo). Just for fun. Ppl were very interested in it in ISS as I remember
  12. Napisz ticket do supportu z prosba o odlinkowanie konta od steama
  13. chilloucik


    Lets w8 and see what u got for us Let's hope its gonna be something good
  14. Shadows look more realistic on low settings than on ultra. Please fix it
  15. What do you think guys about adding 1 more building for PvP in clearview instead of mossy? With these new entries which devs added its more easier to push if someone is camping there. I mean to do that like that:
  16. its not cheating lawl. cheating means simplify and gives you dominance over the enemy which there i cant see her sometimes steam isnt counting the some kills or dollars which you got in game. i guess there is something wrong with achievements but im not sure
  17. am i not right? Whats the point of spending of hours etc to get the achievement if you can get it in 1 minute Sven has every achievement in newz on his steam and every achievement which he got was at the same time (dunno why he's profile is private)
  18. use steam achievement unlocker and you can unlock every achievement which you want without doing them lol
  19. Cheater's Character name: Its on the videoTime:10 minutes agoDate:20/08/2017What kind of cheat:AimbotScreenshot proof (if made):You can clearly see he is shooting above me when im lying downVideo proof (if made):run video with 1.5 speed because idk why my cam slowed it down
  20. 1. spawn medics on the roof of pharmacy 2. door behind post office 3. door behind small market on warmup server (clear-small map) there is invisible overgrowth
  21. This one which you can hear in the background: https://clips.twitch.tv/TriumphantExcitedJackalTTours I remember it from some emulators but cant remember the name of the song. Can any1 help me? nvm i found it.
  22. Why is it called m9 helmet black googles? And there is another proof: https://oddshot.tv/s/fmwIm-
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