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  1. Sorry but nothing of what you say here is true. Nothing one shots vs heavy + all skills. Also 3 consecutive hits with a sniper is always a kill unless you give the enemy the time to heal twice.
  2. Yeah. But you know it's still abusable.
  3. You can still left peek without showing your body if that's what you are asking.
  4. Adding private servers to this mode will most likely destroy it as there will be people just pvping clearview again with top tier gear in no-time. If you don't add private servers people will actually roam the map and go stash in the safe zone. Which really adds to the immersion.
  5. This just isn't game for that stuff. This game is for fast paced pvp. Also not for survival, I know they are working on a mode for that but it will never be the leading mode for this game.
  6. Circuleer

    Weapon Bipods

    The only thing that happends when you lay down in this game is that you become an easy target.
  7. Really? Zombies fall through the ground in almost every building and on every bridge when you kill them. It has been this way from the start.
  8. Good job blurring out the offensive flame.
  9. Honesty I understand that. The old forum was slow and had a lot of bugs. This new one feels so smooth.
  10. To be honest I think this might be the version of the game that is actually worth it to spend some money on.
  11. Circuleer


    Yes! The underground system with the Super Zombies was good for looting
  12. Different game, different DEV's. You know that. I:SS doesn't exist anymore anyway.
  13. Circuleer


    I remember they promised to rework area69. It was really my favorite area to loot. But oh well I guess I never have to loot again anyway.
  14. The bus system is really one of the best features the DEV's added this year. Was so bored of driving for a long time after PvPing on PVP servers. Really love it <3
  15. FPS took a great boost for me, however it was already at 150+ so it was not really needed for me. I guess it goes both ways, it removes a few hiding spots but this way we have more FPS and less fake hitmarkers when shooting through overgrowth.
  16. Good luck everyone. I think I should win because of all the lame camp plebs I've roasted in this game
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