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  1. Why not fix all the backpacks but only go for one? It stills has less weight than before and now it has more space than te medium backpack.
  2. Trust me that is not the reason other regions servers are empty.
  3. We need all the info back like: killstreak, rep, kd, hp %.
  4. Man we need back the 12k players on every night.
  5. Moving forward sure. But really, nobody forces you to change the health bar. It was fine, wat has changing the healthbar to do with going forward? It's a useless change. Nothing to be gained there.
  6. It's simple. What they need to do is: - Reverse open world / pvp maps to what it was before patch. - Remove skins from survival.
  7. I'm trying to tell them all day. Game has already 500 less players on friday night than for example a tuesday night now after this patch. Open world and PvP servers should have been untouched.
  8. Yeah I guess you are right. Only difference will be the private servers full of lockers instead of insta GI.
  9. Survival mode will be about the same. This a complete different game so nothing you did in WarZ will have any effect here.
  10. I'm not criticizing you man, I think you are a great moderator and player. Just not agreeing with you on this patch. Not trying to offend you.
  11. The patch is honestly just bad. I took -100 fps. Lucky I had 180 before but not everyone is going to be that lucky I guess.
  12. Kaz, stop trying to save this patch. It's really not going to work.
  13. I'm not arrogant at all right now. I'm speaking for my whole crew. The survival mode was good but the dev's shouldn't just push all the survival elements down the throats of pvp players. I already reported the backpack issue and all I got in return was: 'take a bigger backpack'. No wonder people are getting mad. Some of the survival elements are persistent through the whole game right now. Why?
  14. First terrible patch in a long time. Old players who like to pvp like before this patch are screwed over. Nobody asked for a smaller BP or a bad healthbar.
  15. Why not just split it? It was fine in open world the way it was before the patch. Smaller size is good for survival, sure. But it adds nothing for the existing modes.
  16. Please change the backpacks back to the old weights and slots for the open world. Just add them seperatly for the survival mode with less weight and slots. In my opinion there is no need to change the slots for the existing modes aswell. Please consider this as it hurts the old modes.
  17. Yeah I'll take my rare backpack to campos on an official server with 70 ppl. Just copy the bp items and rework them with new stats for survival so you don't bother your pvp players.
  18. You can't be serious man you know damn well what I mean. You want me to relog for my extra loot I can get spawntrapped by the clan I just killed? Just change the backpacks for survival and don't bother the people playing this game for pvp.
  19. Normally a military would be enough to carry the loot from clans I kill. Now I need 1.5 military bp to carry my stuff. Nice going.
  20. Sigh. Non-survival players already getting limited..... I can barely carry my standard loadout in the small BP now, let alone pick something up when I kill someone.
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