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  1. You don't need it for PvE, what are you going to do with it? Lol. It was just a joke btw, don't blow up. But do not worry. I have thousands of snipers.
  2. All you pve players can donate your snipers to me. You won't need them anyway.
  3. Just push them when they hide?
  4. NL/BE Hallo, GTBV zoekt naar Nederlandstalige members. We zijn op dit moment met 3-4 spelers. Wij hebben op dit moment met de 3 echt vaste spelers allemaal minimaal -25k rep. Echter, we hebben geen eis gesteld aan de rep/kd of wat dan ook voor nieuwe members. We hebben een TS3. We spelen dit voor de PvP. Message in het topic of PM me voor de TS Ip. We zoeken wel mensen die dit spel serieus spelen, regelmatig online komen en een redelijk vol GI hebben. De deur staat open.
  5. The sole purpose of running a business is making money. So yeah. Go ban groupers in BR, we will have 3k players on tonight instead of 4k. Way to go.
  6. You are actually right. I remember them promising a new map that would be a lot bigger. Also, indeed it took so long to just downgrade to the old v2 map and remove the loot. I get the impression they just recently started making this. Maybe this means they already have their hands full with issues of the older game modes. They might be taking too much work on their hands now.
  7. No problem at all for a skilled player. There is also nothing the DEV's can really do about it. The game mechanics allow people to do this so it will always happen. Also, banning all teamers in BR is a bad way to make money.
  8. Some nice shots in there
  9. So if you know exactly know what's going on maybe you have to stop complaining here. You know it's your lacking CPU. This game has certain requirements, which you have to meet in order to have a good experience. If your real life situation doesn't allow you to meet those requirements properly there is nothing the DEV's can do about it, it's at your end.
  10. So then that's the issue just upgrade your CPU. It's very CPU intensive. Also I think you could only get VIP forum badge in like june/july 2015. I was a bit too late.
  11. Add the REP back aswell. I want to see it skyrocket.
  12. Lol really? I play NewZ since Oktober 2015. I am a veteran and never had many disconnects or crashes at all.
  13. It has nothing to do with being nice. People are not just giving out info for their server which they paid good money for. I have none myself, it would be wise to just buy one for a week to farm.
  14. Thought it was fun to have for open world aswell. Was ranking up like a beast.
  15. This is not what survival should be. This is just WarZ full geared pvp.
  16. Why did you ninja remove the ranks? Are they being reworked?
  17. I don't farm bro. It was constant PvP on 50+ pop servers in campos.
  18. True. If you really want survival in this game it has to be nothing like the old WarZ. The original wasn't survival at all, it was hardcore pvp with full gear all the time, search for some video's. Really, on WarZ were people with hundreds of snipers aswell. They are trying to make a survival mode for NewZ, not trying to recreate the old feeling. However I feel that people don't want survival, they want to play like the original WarZ. DEV's might have interpreted that the wrong way, cause deep down, people don't want survival in this game, they want the old feeling. Let's be honest, the kruger PvP was only a thing in the WarZ alpha, people will get gear in time and the bambi PvP will be over again.
  19. Yeah instead of fixing all the backpacks they just increased the weight of the small. (It's still less than before the patch though).
  20. Yeah yeah, we get it. You need an upgrade.
  21. Played like 6 hours on saturday. 0 crashes.
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