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  1. Or you are talking about the warm up before the BR match starts or you are talking about warmup servers are entirely.
  2. Impossible to have lower ping on EU servers than HK servers if you are in Pakistan.
  3. Not if you know from which angles to approach.
  4. 10 slots for 7 days is way too expensive. If hosting companies are charging you that much you are getting anal raped without vaseline.
  5. Campos for sure. Know all angles like my backyard.
  6. Even if you double the players it would be 0.002%. Was just a joke though. Do not take it too serious. I still love to play on this game from time to time.
  7. 3500 people playing right now. Which is 0.001% of 3 million. Auch.
  8. Still looking for a small group of people or small clan to pvp with.
  9. I agree, great decision. The only thing that happend on beginner servers was bored veterans farming noobs. I've met a lot of actual beginners on official servers anyway so I guess beginner servers where indeed not very useful anymore.
  10. You got outplayed. Deal with it.
  11. There has to be something running on your pc that interferes with the anti-cheat. It doesn't go off on nothing.
  12. Who plays this game for graphics lol?
  13. I said it 5 times fast. Np.
  14. The all time leaderboard is updated all the time.
  15. It's not because of high ping but because of instable ping. Ping limit will not help.
  16. In my opinion, no. That's such an easy boost to do. If DEV's don't want you to be on certain locations they should use invisible walls to block off or just remove the stairs.
  17. Circuleer


    They don't lag because of their high ping but because of their unstable ping.
  18. Yeah thanks for the invitation. Might check on later this week. But really I was just looking for a small group of players that just wanted 1 guy extra to roll with it. You lot sound more like a clan.
  19. Can you give me some in-game names of people you play with? Some ranks maybe?
  20. Me and my friends are all gold 1-2 and still slowly going up. My k/d is 2.12. I guess it's above average.
  21. Probably because of lag. Sometimes I place a shield and duck behind for 2 seconds and still get killed by a person in front of me. A friend even got killed behind his shield and after that his killer walked right through his shield as if it was not even there. Also sometimes shields are invisible. You see people crouching in the open but in fact they are behind a shield.
  22. Yes it has something to do with duping.
  23. What's up everyone. The time has finally come that all my friends stopped playing this game, or atleast for very little time. I used to roll with a group of 3-4 Dutch guys but they just couldn't play this game anymore because it got boring to them. I wanted to continue playing but playing vs clans all the time just get's old very fast. Usually it just costs loot since you might kill 2-3 guys from the clan but you always end up dead because there are just too many people grouped up. Anyway, I'm looking for a small group of people to play with. A group of 3-4 people total is perfect for me and works best in terms of communication etc. As there are almost no Dutch people in-game left I'm looking for an English speaking group. Some info about me: IGN: CIRCULEEЯ Rep: -72k K/D: 2.11 atm Full skilltree Full GI. (2k snipers, 5k AR, 1k + heavy, loads of ammo and 95M game dollars) Enough to keep going and going in PvP. I usually play a few evenings a week + during day in weekends (if I'm in the mood to play this game). My REP is kind of low (I played NewZ since november 2015) because I ONLY played on official servers so far. No fast REP was gained on PvP servers. I would prefer a group of people that actually know how to play as well. I'm not really looking to join a gaming community/ big clan or something. Just a group of people to play NewZ with whenever I get on to play it. If anyone is interested in playing with me, shoot me a PM on here.
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