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  1. Can i Msg you my hotmail and see that i got 24k instead of 6k... only wanted 6k and it's taken an extra 120 including tax usd
  2. Now i can't even remember my password cause i made it in such a hurry lmao
  3. it took $120 extra, when it wasnt even showing i bought gc the first time...
  4. Hey so i was buying gc, only wanted 6000, and when i bought it was messing about and everytime i bought it no gc appeared... so i did it multiple times, 4 times to be exact and now its takes about $100 when it wasn't showing i had gc.. please refund, only just happened 4:55am ish, oce time. Thank you and would really like it back as i have other payments :(... been a vet since atleast 2016-2017. also just brought in 5 more oce players i recommended it, thanks again I L L U S I O N .
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