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  1. I disagree. I do not want an easier game. But I find it annoying because 1. why are these zombies inflicting bleed-out level wounds all the time with their fists and 2. not much of a penalty because after a few hours of gameplay I have bandages up the wazoo and the bleed turns into an inventory penalty more than a health penalty. With the current surplus of supplies, I'd like to see more of a risk to taking a hit and I don't think bleeding is much of one unless you are sub 3 hours of game play. Perhaps various infection models requiring different cures, maybe with different penalties for them. Maybe those penalties could be non-reset with death so that you have a reason to seek specific areas or explore for the cures instead of just dying to get out of it. Maybe even a crafting mission to locate the items needed to craft your specific cure. I don't know the solution, but I know the point of bleeding and I think that bleeding isn't serving the purpose that it has in gameplay here. I don't care about bleeding because bandages are easy and if you don't have them, other health items are plentiful. And if you don't have health items, who cares if you die anyway with the item surplus. Bleeding isn't making my game harder, it's just making it more annoying. This is a great place for the developers to do something with survivor. It's been well discussed that no one cares about dying because of the loot surplus. But a risk of injury that has consequences beyond respawn could force some more "fear" back into this survival game.
  2. It isn't needed to compare it to arcade. We are talking about Survivor mode. The point that you are missing here is that there is no "survival" game. The loot is very plentiful. It is easy to sneak in anywhere and find great weapons. There is no struggle to survive because the means to kill zombies is plentiful and there is no need to survive because it doesn't really matter if you die if you can play for a few hours and just go into the vault and grab another large backpack, a few assault rifles, a katana and armor and go to back running. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun to explore at the moment. But I'm going to be done with this game in a few days with every city explored, an endless supply of loot in the vault, and nothing left to do but sit there and blast zombies for no reason. That is not a survival game. I remember starving, crawling everywhere because I was terrified to lose a medium backpack and an axe. It's been a few days of casual play and I'm not afraid of anything. Dying in a rogue-like should cost you something. His other point about exploration is spot on too. There is no need to visit specific sites for specific items. I noticed this very much in my first few days back. Why go to norad when I can find a PKM in clearview? And if there's no reason to survive and also no reason to explore, I'm not sure what the point of the game is.
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