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  1. Team name and Tag: HARD CORE Z N1 FAMILY (HARD) Region: EUROPE Captain: TR M N A T O R Players: 1. TR M N A T O R (fersat123) 2. XEINWERFEN (chucky) 3. Coldhell (slay3rs123) 4. Kebab (muhsinprokiller76) 5 Godex (ecaflakes) 6. Major Panic (kaanbaba123123123) 7.nonamefromrussia (gera228) 8.-SJR (tooteedp)
  2. Team name: HARD Tag (max. 5 letters): HARD Lineup: 1. TR M N A T O R 2. J E A X Contact: J E A X #2198
  3. Team name: Hard Core Z N1 FAMILY Tag (max. 5 letters): HARD Tournament Map OR Clearview: Tournament Map Lineup: 1. (Captain) Jeax 2. Coldhell 3. G O D E X 4.Look At My Eyes 5.Kebab (6.)BATU19 (7.)MajorPanic Captains discord ID: J E A X #2198
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