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  1. I completely agree, the game after the wipe has already started wrong, it didn't start like the old iss warZ. I played in the iss warz in 2012, weapons and ammunition were rare, food was rare, to the point that you had to play with other players you didn't know in search of food in the cities, you at least worried about weapons. Today the game has become pure pvp, if you find another survivor you have never seen, you simply kill or die. You do not have the slightest desire to interact, in the past you used to be without food alone and you had to get together with other people, talked by voip and interpreted, today voip only serves to curse the other. I remember that I entered a city alone, found another survivor, exchanged food, when we saw we were in a group of 5 people cleaning the city without even knowing each other, and because nobody had a gun and we were forced to join. In the old iss warz as weapons and ammunition were extremely rare, you shouldn't go shooting any 1 to avoid spending as it would take a long time to find, you used your weapons and ammunition wisely. Today the game in survival mode is unfortunately only there to please crying pvp players, who want more and more chances for weapons, sniper rifles, etc. The increase in food was the complaint of pvp players who are campering in the city like a retard waiting for survivors to kill, then they run out of food and have to leave the campsite to search. With this significant increase in food loot you won't need to do that, the survival game again has returned to a pure pvp game where zombies and survival is an illusion.
  2. Got it, very good ... But I would like you to explain to me, how will a new player, who wants to play with friends on a private server, how can he take this item on top of the tank? since he will no longer be able to "double jump" it on a private server, but he can "double jump" on the official server very good right! makes a lot of sense about it! The double jump is not only for "overpower" spots, it is also for new players to get to know the game completely, to limit this mechanics of the game just to "encourage" players to go to official servers, it will only keep new players away or stop playing. Sorry for the english i'm brazilian and i don't have a fluent english
  3. * "Players can no longer use the" double jump "in Private Servers." Would that be the jump with the "V" keybind? won't we be able to high jump private servers anymore? haha why is that? it will disturb a lot who plays on private server * "Increased the overall loot on Official servers" Guys, if you guys want me to fill the official servers and decrease the amount of player on the private servers, just stop selling the private servers
  4. Oh good, I killed 16 to drop just 1 resin, spent approximately 46-48 100 pkm and m249 ammunition, very frustrating
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