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  1. if anyone will help, that would be great! The server will change to PVE and more slots, Right now it's 27 days left. and 10slots. [EU]: Donate-gc-to-keepalive-plz Password: melanie
  2. So i can see Flashes, Bullets fly, But i can't hear it until they shot me. why does this happen?
  3. Where can i use them?
  4. Clean your PC? but 85 is not bad for a AMD card. i got the same in a pc and it runs at the same kinda. but it is the 590 FATBOT verison.
  5. Oke. i really want to know becouse noone asking, what is your Temp? on your gpu before?
  6. Pp0wErr


    5min with Premium or less and 10min without premium. Gj Pp0wErr u really giving us a good ide. (i can hear u saying that)
  7. Pp0wErr


    When we got Premium we shouldn't have cooldown. insted of having a Revive cooldown. Can u at least cheange it to Server cooldown.? Like When i die on EU1 i need to wait 5min before joining back on that server? So that means i can join instant a diffent server insted. Klapp Klapp ya?
  8. After the update i see the leaderboards are combinded with newz. WHY?
  9. lol, the light in the video is shit. but if u want to change it your self use the Nvidia Coontrol panel.
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